8 Reasons To Buy A Premium Elliptical

8 Reasons to Buy a Premium Elliptical

by Alan Jackson — 3 years ago in Gadgets 4 min. read

There are several advantages of having a premium elliptical in your home gym. One major edge it has over other exercise equipment is its ability to provide a full-body workout.

The treadmill and stationary bike are known for working out either the lower or upper body parts separately. An elliptical gives you the opportunity of having a cardio workout with its pedals imitating stairs climbing and the moving handlebars that help in exercising your arms.

Read on as I unravel 8 reasons for you to consider buying a premium elliptical. Irrespective of your age, height, or weight, there is always the right one for you.

8 Reasons to Buy a Premium Elliptical

  1.     Efficient Calorie Burner

An elliptical trainer or premium elliptical can help you shed excess weight and keep you fit. It raises your heart rate thereby improving the condition of your heart and lungs. As you work-out, your lungs begin to work harder making you breathe faster.

Oxygen then flows into your bloodstream, your heart pumps faster and you sweat profusely. Your sweat glands expand as you continue your exercise resulting in the pores of your skin opening up for proper airflow into your system.

All of these rigorous processes result in burning excess calories stored in your body. As more calories are burnt progressively, you will begin to notice a visible weight loss. When you achieve your fitness goals, you can reduce the time you spend in every session to about 15 minutes.

  1.     Not Selective of Location or Time

Having a premium elliptical at home means you don’t need to worry about enrolling in a gym amidst your busy and hectic schedule. At the gym, there are specific opening and closing times with a lot of other users to share exercise equipment with.

Owning one is just the ideal thing because you will have the freedom to work-out anytime and anywhere. Whether the temperature is hot outside or cold, it will not affect your training. You may decide to work-out at night or during the daytime with no restriction whatsoever. The rain cannot prevent your schedule neither can snow.

There are premium ellipticals that can fit under your desk at the office or while watching TV at home. Although these types only work your lower body but remember your upper part will be preoccupied as well while typing away on your PC. Therefore, you can still achieve a full-body workout.
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  1.     Heart Rate Monitor

Most ellipticals can monitor your heart rate by ensuring you do not go beyond the safe limit. As a beginner, you must not allow room for exercising too hard because that will make it seem difficult and discourage you from wanting to continue the routine.

Start slow and gradually progress in your fitness regimen. A premium elliptical has the functionality of regulating the speed with which you perform your exercise. This makes it worth buying since you don’t need to worry about getting yourself over-worked to obtain a healthy physique.

  1.     Suitable for Everyone

Buying a premium elliptical for your home gym will not benefit you alone. Other members of your family can also use it to stay fit. The machine is not for a particular body shape or size.

Anyone can operate it as long as they are not extremely overweight or gigantic. That would mean they have to purchase special equipment to suit their peculiar features.

Family members, close friends, and other loved ones can design a work-out schedule that will involve everyone participating and taking turns. This can encourage you and spark your interest as it can lead to more socializing.

  1.     Saves Income

You can save a lot of money by purchasing a personal elliptical for home use rather than paying huge gym fees. If you buy a good quality elliptical, you can get several years of usage from it.

There is also the advantage of a lifetime warranty on these machines that makes it last long with insured maintenance by the manufacturer.

In a situation where you will share with loved ones, it is more economical to buy one to serve you all. You lot can even contribute towards purchasing it to further reduce individual costs.

  1.     Encourages Privacy

The public gym doesn’t give you that privacy and security you deserve while exercising. You may not want to expose your body parts clad in fitted work-out gear or reveal the speed with which you exercise.

In the comfort of your home, you can choose to wear whatever makes you feel at ease. Your exercise pattern will also be known to you alone until you get better at it gradually.
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  1.     Prevents Injuries on Joints

One major importance of having an elliptical is to work-out without injuries sustained by the impact on joints and muscles. The treadmill causes great strain on knees and ankles which makes the elliptical a better choice.

The elliptical tones your hamstrings, glutes, chest, arms, and calves seamlessly with the smooth glides of your body parts as you move along on the machine. It is user-friendly and reduces the risk of sustaining severe dislocations and excessive strain on your joints.

  1.     Saves Time

During any work-out session, you can combine your exercise with other activities like watching TV or listening to music. This will not only save your work-out time but spice up your exercise without you even noticing that time has been far spent.

There are sophisticated ellipticals that now permit you to work-out under your office desk. These are not only portable but provide more time for training without considering how long a session lasts.

Also, your metabolism is accelerated with every work-out and you are relieved from stress. Your blood circulation is improved and you are safe from developing terminal diseases.


I will suggest you weigh the advantages of buying a premium elliptical for home use. If you are thinking of equipping your public gym, you also need to consider the necessity of having an elliptical as part of your training equipment. You will agree with me that the reasons highlighted above are very important.

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