8 Things You Need To Know And Do To Keep Your Heart Healthy

8 Things You need to know and do to keep your Heart Healthy: Heart Diseases and Coronavirus

by Amelia Scott — 4 years ago in Health 3 min. read

The ongoing virus outbreak definitely affects people with low immunity but if you find someone suffering from heart disease, you need to be more careful than before. This is one of those times when it is necessary to be extra vigilant! Because a little mistake can cost you unexpectedly!

Research suggests that the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19, can cause heart injury or heart damage to those who do not suffer from underlying heart problems.

Which means, everyone can be affected. Here, a change in lifestyle and diet is necessary to stay healthy. Serious crisis call for serious work!

Entrepreneur India has given Dr. Pratap Kumar N, Chairman and Managing Director and Chief Interventional Cardiologist of Meditrina Group of Hospitals, a respected cardiologist from India and spoke to launch a cardiac cath lab service from the PPP model at ESIC Hospitals, which shares some important.

Key health advice for heart patients.

Here are 8 things you need to know and do to keep your heart healthy and prosperous!

Are patients with a known clinical history of heart diseases at greater risk?

Low resistance levels among individuals experiencing cardiac disorders put them at a high-risk class of contracting Covid-19. Elderly patients with cardiac conditions such as coronary heart disease are also at a greater risk of becoming infected with the virus that is deadly.

The fatality rate for heart patients afflicted by Covid-19 is greater when compared with ordinary individuals without a known history of cardiovascular disease.

Do patients testing positive for Covid-19 tend to develop heart-related ailments and complications? 

Though known to mostly influence the lymph system (especially lungs) of an infected individual, patients who test positive for Covid-19 also tend to come up with heart-related complications. It’s been demonstrated that Covid-19 can apply a painful effect on the heart requirements of individuals.

The virus is also known to negatively affect the functioning of heart muscles, frequently resulting in complications such as cardiac arrest. People suffering from heart disorders must understand that using a significant slowing of the acts of lymph tissues, the workload of the heart grows appreciably.
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Heart patients in the older age bracket are at a greater risk of fatality as compared to younger patients who have tested positive for the virus?

Covid-19 patients at the old age bracket are in a greater risk of fatality compared to older patients testing positive for the virus. While the typical incidence of death among the young generation of sufferers is 2.5percent due to Covid-19, the passing rate among elderly patients is greater at over 5%.

For individuals aged 70 decades, the passing rate is 8% and over, and also for patients over age 80 decades, the fatality rate is 80% and over.

Can the morbid fear and disease-induced anxiety of contracting Covid-19 be a contributory factor to accentuating the risk of cardiac arrest?

Over the virus itself, it’s the morbid fear of contracting the virus which plays havoc with the mind of patients experiencing coronary ailments. It may have a heavy psychological toll on individuals with a history of coronary disorders.

The resultant hypertension or stress may play a triggering role in heightening the chance of cardiac arrest among heart disease.

What potential lifestyle changes should cardiac patients follow to avoid Covid-19?

Cardiac patients should make sure they get sufficient sleep. They need to also stringently abide by the health directives issued from the health department to make certain that they don’t deal with the disease through public disperse.

They should also avoid family get-togethers or interacting with friends as these events will improve the odds of disease. They ought to put the onus on after a typical active lifestyle to keep up the normal performance of their hearts.

What exercises cardiac patients can follow?

Cardiac patients shouldn’t change their routine exercise programs. They ought to keep a daily physical fitness regimen. Heart patients should select moderate activities such as brisk walking, light jogging, or swimming that helps to fortify their muscles.

This won’t only help to decrease the blood pressure but keep cholesterol in check. At precisely the exact same time, an individual ought to prevent over-exertion by simply taking rest between repetitions and sets.

An individual needs to seek out medical information from the physician before getting to a brand new exercise regime.

To increase immunity what nutritional elements cardiac patients need to have?

First and foremost, heart patients should avoid excessive amounts of saturated fat, sodium and sugar in their diet. Heart patients should eat a nutrient rich diet that will help boost immunity and protect their heart health. The diet plan should consist mainly of leafy green vegetables which are rich in antioxidants.

Whole grains, berries and walnuts should also be an important part of the diet for patients struggling with heart problems.
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Which health supplement options can one choose to ensure well-being and a healthy heart?

Generally, we do not recommend any health supplement to heart patients. However, patients with high triglyceride are nowadays prescribed 4 grams of omega-3 fatty acids daily.

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