A New Google Assistant Feature, ‘Hold For Me,’ Waits On Hold So You Don’t Have To

A new Google Assistant feature, ‘Hold for Me,’ waits on hold so you don’t have to

by Amelia Scott — 3 years ago in Gadgets 2 min. read

Google has been pushing forward the capabilities of what a smartphone can do when it comes to one of the device’s most basic — if these days, often overlooked — features: phone calls. In previous years, the company launched Call Screen to vet your incoming calls, Duplex for restaurant reservations, and just this month, a feature called Verified Calls that will tell you who is calling and why.

Today, Google introduced one more handy feature for those who still use their devices as an actual phone with the introduction of “Hold for Me.”

In the organization’s hardware occasion this day, at which Google introduced its own brand new Pixel smartphones, it also temporarily showed off the Pixel’s newest suggestion. A feature known as”Hold for Me,” will remain online for you once you’re put on hold, then alert you if somebody picks up.

Google clarified the technology was constructed on the smarts of its current Phone Screen and Duplex tech — the latter that can be an A.I.-based technology centered on conversations take place over the telephone.
A new Google Assistant feature, ‘Hold for Me,’ waits on hold so you don’t have to 1

From the brief demonstration of”Hold for Me,” Google revealed the way the Pixel device owner can trigger the new attribute after they have been put on hold.
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This is accomplished by tapping on a new button which appears on the phone display over the buttons to muting the phone, turning to speakerphone, along with the other in-call telephone controllers.

Once triggered, you are alarmed with a message which states”Do not hand upward,” where you are advised that Google Assistant is listening to this telephone for you, so that you may do additional things.

A button is also available on this display which allows you tap to come back to the phone at any moment, and under that an onscreen message states”music playing” to signal whether the Google Assistant remains hearing the grip music. You could even opt to press the red hang up button to finish the phone from this display.

When someone comes online, the device will alert you it is time to come back to the telephone number.

In a time when individuals are waiting on wait for hours to get assistance with COVID-19 related government help, for example unemployment benefits, a”Hold for Me” option might be a helpful new feature — it might be a literal lifesaver for people in the center of a fiscal crisis because of job reduction.
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Google says the new feature will come to its new Pixel 5 devices, which will soon be followed by its older-generation Pixel phones via the next “Pixel feature drop” roll out.

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