Can I Sell Broken Laptops For Money?

Can I Sell Broken Laptops For Money? (A Complete Guide)

by Alan Jackson — 2 years ago in Gadgets 5 min. read

Updated on 01 March. 2024

Can I sell broken laptops for money? Can I recycle damaged laptop for cash? Read this blog to know more!

People across the world use various laptop ownership brands for gaming, professional working, meeting, editing, designing, and more.

Whether using Apple macbook or HP’s high-end laptops for editing and professional working, there’s no escape from damage or brokenness.

Is your laptop broken by accident? Looking to sell damaged laptops online?

There are certain platforms that offer convenient and hassle-free selling solutions.

Sell broken laptop near me and get a good amount instantly.

Do broken laptops have any value? And do people buy them for actual money? By now, you have probably heard you can sell used laptops for cash or possibly even trade them in for store credit. But what if your computer is broken? Is it worth anything AS IS? Well, that depends.

If your notebook model is not too old, it will likely carry some residual value, even if non-functional. By that logic, there should be more than one way to make a little money from your broken laptops.

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Do People Interest In Sell Broken Laptops For Money?

Most certainly, you can find a buyer. Many private techs or small repair shops are scouting for cheap broken laptops to reuse for parts. For a repairman, it is more cost-effective to buy a broken laptop than to shop new parts through manufacturers.

Those folks usually search on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, and Craigslist. Some are even interested in buying broken laptops in bulk.
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Do Companies Pay Money For Broken Laptops?

Yes, there are businesses out there that buy preowned technology for cash.

Generally, there are two types of buyers:

  • Private buyers and repair shops buy broken computers to harvest them for parts, as mentioned above.
  • Companies buy them to refurbish and resell.

And sure, you could probably try to repair the laptop yourself. However, if you don’t know what you are doing, we advise you against tampering with the computer.

Unfortunately, watching a YouTube tutorial is often not enough if you don’t have experience. Plus, you’d need a set of tools that often goes beyond a screwdriver.

These days, “broken” is not the sales repellent that it once was. Previously, a broken gadget was worth repairing because the replacement one was so expensive. Now, there is an entire buyback industry built around the used laptops market.

Today, people don’t bother repairing their electronics because ten times out of ten, it is cheaper to buy a new one. Besides, they can sell the broken item, reducing the cost of the replacement.

It is often more economical to make a little money from selling older electronics and then using that money to buy a newer model.

More times than not, if you have something repaired, it can get very costly. Then, it often breaks again in a few months, and you have to do it all again.
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Is it Legal to Sell Broken Laptops For Making Cash?

Yes, it is legal to sell broken laptops, as long as you are a lawful owner and 100% honest about the device you sell. What does that mean?

The most obvious example of misleading is if you claim that the laptop is perfectly fine and running when it is not.

The most common scam is when the seller says it is perfectly working and then blames the delivery company if the buyer finds it broken. But, be aware that even if it breaks during delivery, the seller is usually responsible for proper packaging, thus, assumes full responsibility for the damage. So, be careful when sell broken laptops for money.

Sometimes sellers can inflate the cost of upgrades. That is why most companies will not offer extra money for additional hardware or accessories. Besides, any laptop part depreciates way faster than the laptop itself.

So, if you are selling a laptop, it is best to be upfront about all and any known malfunctions, even if you don’t know what’s causing them. Because if you are selling to a business, they will test the device thoroughly before accepting it. And if you have a private buyer, you are risking a possibility of a return, or even worse, a chargeback.
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How Can I Sell Broken Laptop Online?


Most trade-in programs, like Best Buy or Apple, only accept fully working devices. So, if the laptop is non-functional, you will be offered to recycle it. However, you could still sell your broken laptop online.

For example, a company like Gadget Salvation accepts a wide range of laptop models, functional or not. They will assume that even if some components are not working, the laptop might still have a residual salvage value. In fact, that is where the name Gadget Salvation actually came from.

The appraisal process is instant, and the whole selling experience is much more efficient than listing your laptop, say, on eBay, only to have to deal with unreasonable inquires, scams, and returns.

To price your broken laptop, start by searching your model in their online database:

You can also use filters to narrow your search down by brand, processor type, etc.

Then, to get an estimate on a malfunctioning laptop, check the “Defective/Missing parts or accessories” option and pick one that best prescribes your problem from the drop-down:

Sell a Broken Laptop Online

After that, calculate the estimate and fill out a checkout form. But even the calculator gives you a $0 value, reach out to Gadget Salvation for instructions on properly recycling the device.

The whole process from checkout to payment can take anywhere from two to ten working days, depending on the seller’s location.

Currently, Gadget Salvation works in the US only.
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Yes, you can sell your broken laptop. A company called Gadget Salvation could make you an offer, for one. Besides, they also accept smartphones, tablets, PlayStations, and many other devices.

But, ultimately, however you choose to proceed, don’t dump your broken laptop in the trash. Instead you can sell broken laptops for money with the above guide. If it cannot be resold, please do your part in reducing e-waste and recycle the computer instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get rid of cracked laptops?

The simplest and best way to get rid from cracked laptops is by selling them online and getting valuable returns.

Are broken laptops worth any money?

Yes, broken laptops can get you valuable money instead of giving on scrap. You can earn money by selling broken laptops online and can make up to $1000.

Which is good for selling broken laptops?

You can sell broken or cracked laptops to web-based platforms or mobile-based applications that accept selling laptops online.

What is the best place to sell a broken laptop?

Reportedly, online private vendors are the best place to sell your broken laptop anywhere you reside. Search to sell broken laptops for money online and ask for quotations.

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