The Pros And Cons Of Tinting Your Car’s Windows

The Pros and Cons of Tinting Your Car’s Windows

by Mark Daniels — 3 years ago in Gadgets 3 min. read

Professional Installation of Window Tint Can Save You Time and Heartache 

Window tinting looks astonishingly cool, but it also serves some very real purposes. If you’ve been considering darkening your car windows with a film, then you’ve no doubt read about some of these great benefits.

Of course, for every good thing about window tinting, there’s a con you possibly haven’t thought of.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest pros and cons of tinting your car’s windows.


Window tinting protects your car’s interior.

Window tint technology actually blocks harmful rays from the sun that break down your car’s interior, causing your leather and dashboard to crack or fade.

Keeping your car interior in good condition is just one way you can help protect your investment and have your car retain its value even as you put miles on it.
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Window tinting can change how you see out of your car.

Some people report that after installing window tinting on their car’s windows, their visibility is decreased.

These are likely the very same people who insisted on purchasing their own tint and installing it themselves, rather than opting for professional-grade products and window tinting installation from people who know what they’re doing. To help prevent bubbles and creases, and to be sure you don’t install subpar tint, visit a professional.


Window tinting protects your skin.

As you drive along in your car down sunny highways, your skin is exposed to harmful UV rays from the sun. Window tinting is specially designed to block those dangerous rays.

Driving in a car with tinted windows gives you less of a risk of developing skin cancer than driving in a car without them. You’re also less likely to reach your destination with a sunburn!


Window tinting costs money.

If you want to opt for subpar products and shoddy installation, you can tint your windows very cheaply. But if you want them to look good, then you’ll need to pay for someone to professionally install it, and pay for tint film that isn’t going to cause blurred vision.

You’ll want to search “window tinting near me” online to find car audio stores or car accessories stores with experts to do it for you.

Even if you do it yourself, you should expect tinting your windows to cost more than you originally planned. You’ll have to recut film and reapply film repeatedly until you get the hang of it. Expect to peel off pieces of tint and start over, so buy extra.


Window tint gives you privacy and anonymity.

As you drive around town or even in new areas, it can be uncomfortable knowing that everyone can simply look into your car window and see you.

If you want to prevent ogling, installing window tint can prevent folks from recognizing you or others riding in your car, or from making unwanted eye contact with you at stoplights.
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Window tinting can get you in trouble with the police.

DIY window tints are sometimes darker than your city or state allows. To make sure you aren’t breaking any laws, you’ll need to carefully review the legislation on the books where you live, and then interpret them to the best of your ability to find window tint films to fit your vehicle.

If you do it wrong, you’ll get pulled over again and again and wind up facing a lot of fines until you painstakingly peel the tint from your windows. Going to a professional mitigates this risk significantly.


Tinted windows can help you “like” your car again.

After owning your car for several years, the love you felt when you climbed in and turned the key has probably dissipated.

Now, you’re getting a little tired of your vehicle and maybe are looking for a change. Adding tint to your car windows can revitalize your passion for driving your vehicle and save you money on a down payment, car loan, and taxes for a while longer.
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It’s Your Choice

Ultimately, it is your choice whether you tint your car’s windows yourself, professionally, or not at all. We just hope this pros and cons list has given you pause and made you consider your decision carefully before leaping in without thought.

We know that once your car windows are professionally tinted, you’ll look awesome and feel cool and comfortable as you cruise down the highway.

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