5 Effective Hair Removal Methods To Try

5 Effective Hair Removal Methods to Try in 2021

by Riddhi Ganatra — 3 years ago in Health 4 min. read

Hairs on the skin are a person’s personal choice. Whether to keep it, remove it, like or hate it. Some like to let it grow, which is worth it for so many reasons, like protection against the skin’s fiction or warmth. Some want to clear out the fuzz using hair elimination methods.

But hair elimination is always a gut-wrenching thing. So it is on us what we want for our body. Some techniques are costlier, and many are for quick results; some provide lasting effects in comparison to others.

Hair development on the skin is a natural phenomenon. You can not resist that but can adopt the methods that give extended results. The skin is the protective layer, so it is vital to after it carefully. Sensitive skin can get affected easily, so it is far better to use effective methods. There was a time when the methods like shaving, waxing, threading, and tweezing were mostly used to treat undesirable skin.

Now the trend is digital treatments. Most digital methods give extended results. Some of these methods are like home laser hair removal devices or epilators. Tech solutions are less prone to pain and side effects, and the devices are so designed to get near to permanent results.

Different ways are there for the deletions of undesired hairs. A few of the ways which will be on trend this year will be as follows. Instead of using the outdated methods, try new methods this year. As of now, we are looking forward to the five best effective ways for hair deletion this year. Let us look at them.

5 Effective Methods

For this new year, here are the best methods suggested in detail with benefits and disadvantages. You can go through it and choose as per your convenience and required results.


Intense pulse light is the new digital technique for the removal of undesired hairs from the skin.

It uses light rays to eliminate hairs from the skin. This technique uses flashes to detach hair from the deep sac-like structures. The skin sucks up this light, and then it gets converted to intense heat. It intensely ruins the hair follicle. It further prevents the hairs from growing.

It takes a few months for the appropriate results. The treatments go like 2-3 times a week. For the worst cases, it may take longer. The device has different time scales for the different parts of the body. And accordingly, the intensity of the light is varied. This method is mostly used for larger parts of the body, like hands and legs. It is less harmful than other therapy.

The technique takes a long time for the apt results. Also, for multiple processes, the charges may get higher.
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It is the technical way that points hair follicles. The powerful light on the skin removes hair from the roots. This method gives nearly permanent results. But there are possibilities of fine hair growth after weeks. In contrast to other methods, the laser is the cautious method.

In about a few months, the treatments can give half of the reduction in hair growth. For the extended results, the treatments have to be performed every month. This method can be applied on the epidermis and is the best applicable for the small areas. The laser light hair deletion treatments give the best outcomes when treated by experts who also have proficiency in the skin and its types.

Electrical Shaving

It is the most attainable method for getting rid of undesirable extensions on the dermis. The technique is performed on dry surfaces. The electric machine has blades that move against the edge of the skin. It cuts the follicles from the epidermis’ upper layer of the dermis and does not remove the hair from the inner layer.

Thus, it gives short-term results. Shaving is a convenient process that you can perform at home by yourself. It is the best way for sensitive skin. There will not be any issues with the surface of the body unless you get cut from the blades against it.
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Depilatory cream

The hair removal creams have chemical formulations that cut down the hair formation from the skin. The foams or gels are applied to the skin and are left for a few minutes. Then it has to be gently deprived of the skin.

This way is the easiest process. It can be used anywhere on the dermis. But most suitable on the underarms, eyebrows, upper part of the lips. Avoid the longer persistence of the chemical formulations on the surface of the epidermis. Otherwise, it can cause skin diseases.

It is also low cost and gives on-the-go results. This is not suitable for skin, and that is prone to infections. The chemical formulations used here can cause conditions to the skin. These chemical formulations can be tarnished sometimes. Moreover, these depilatories also have an unsorted smell. But nowadays, many depilatory creams are provided with additional fragrances to substitute the smell of the chemical of those creams.


It is the preferable way. It gives extended results than shaving and hair removal creams. Different kinds of wax available are made with natural ingredients like aloe vera gel that is the best suitable for sensitive skin. The temperature of the wax gel depends on the type of process you choose.

The wax is applied in the order of the hair extensions. Then it is stripped off from the skin using a material like cloth or a stripped paper. While wiping off, the direction should be against the direction of the hair growth. The preformed wax papers are also a good choice for serving the undesired hairs.

The process is applied in almost all areas of the undesired hair growth parts. Major parts of this process are legs, hands, or underarms. It is an agonizing process but can give the results for up to a few days. The gel can cause allergies to the body’s surface. The whipping off also causes rashes to the skin. Waxing needs the other person’s help. Performing it by yourself can be unmanageable. The fine extensions that are not visible by the eyes can be missed.
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Choose The Trendy Treatment This Year

The displeasing hair elimination methods have vast choices. 2021 is the year after a pandemic year. After a long time, the time is to get back to work and get back to traveling. Mankind in the lockdown who stayed at home were not concerned about getting ready and preparing themselves for moving out.

Especially women were least concerned about their beauty routine. And undesirable hairs were the least concerning as it is already a painful and messed up process. Now, this year the work and traveling are getting resumed. It demands preparation mentally and physically.

To get relieved from unnecessary extensions on the skin, here are some processes to treat your hair. From the available techniques, these are the best and effective ones that are processed with ease. You can plump any method that gives blissful results. The pick-up of the methods is based on the required results, cost, side effects. Try these methods and decide what is best for you.

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