Blood Type Personality: What's Your Blood Group?

Blood Type Personality: What’s your Blood Group?

by Jackson Keil — 4 years ago in Health 5 min. read

We believe we’re quite familiar with ourselves. However, we can discover everything we didn’t already know about ourselves by paying special attention to our bodies.

 For example, did you realize your nail shape or eye color could tell multitudes about who you really are? This is real and there’s no fun in that too.

 Our blood types also show why we work in certain ways. All have blood, but every human has a different type A, B, AB and O (which are distinguished even more by negatives and positive ones).

 The Japanese professor Tokeji Furukawa released an article stating that those who had the same fundamental blood types (A, B, AB, and O) share very comparable character characteristics.

 Since then, categorization of the blood type has become strongly embedded in Japanese culture called ketsueki-gata.

 In reality, Japanese journals give blood horoscopes and matchmakers, which focus on identifying potential partner depending on blood types, in place of astrological horoscopes.

 Since the mid-20th century, there have been numerous studies in the western world that combines blood kinds and models of individual health which are genuinely fascinating. It is even believed that various blood types can safeguard us against various illnesses.

Here is what science and the knowledge of ketsueki-gata tell about all types of blood and their effects on personality.

A-Blood Type Personality Traits

Type A contains only An antigen on red cells and B plasma antibodies you can donate your blood to Type A and AB if you have Type A blood.

There is a range of health hazards involved with Type A blood, for example, a 20% greater probability of contracting belly cancer than O and B and 5% greater risk of cardiovascular illness relative to O.

If you have an A Blood type, you have some great character features, according to ketsueki-gata. You are serious, imaginative, sensitive, confident, patient and accountable. But you tend to be a bit stubborn and find it difficult to allow stuff to roll out.

Composition of the antigens of a person can determine the amount of a certain hormone produced in red blood cells. You might also discover yourself a bit serious. It can be a reaction to a greater blood cortisol level, a stress hormone, which flows through your veins in those with Type A blood. Physical activity such as yoga and tai chi is far more helpful than walking or lift, for lowering your likelihood of heart disease by getting relaxed.

Another excellent advantage is, according to a research, those individuals with blood form A are less sensitive to mosquitoes. So save a couple of dollars with bug spray!
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B Blood Type Personality Traits

If you have B blood form, you only have red cells with B antigens and plasma A antibodies; your blood can be donated to B and AB blood sort.

The danger of heart illness for those with form B is 11 percent higher than that for those with form O. Harvard’s study found that the risks of developing ovarian cancer are higher for women with B or AB blood, but it doesn’t only bad if you have type B. Those with type B blood have up to 50 thousand-fold as many beneficial bacteria as those with type A or O blood that involve all kinds of good things.

If your blood type is B, you are enthusiastic, vigorous, imaginative, and powerful, according to your ketsueki-gata. You also have a desire to do stuff rather than a dreamer.

Sometimes you may be a bit irresponsible and have difficulty forgiving, but always walk to your own drum’s rhythm.

Those with blood type B are also highly adaptable and versatile. In warm savannas from eastern Africa, the bloodstream spread to the chilly Himalayan Mountains, and warriors who dominated the region spread to the rest of the world.

Balance is of the utmost importance for those with type B blood and can lead to an increased danger of sleep disturbances, daytime brain fog, anxiety, and insulin resistance when you go to extreme levels.

People with blood type B should consume green vegetables, eggs, and fatty milk products. Chicken in favor of goat, lamb, mutton, rabbit, and wolf, is also suggested for those with type B-blood.

AB Blood Type Personality Traits

AB blood people have red cells containing both antigens A and B, but they have neither plasma antibodies A nor B. You are a universal plasma donor if you have AB positive blood.

People with form AB showed a 23% increase over those with type O blood cardiac illness danger. With blood AB, a pregnant mother may experience a double probability of pre-eclampsia, a condition of high blood pressure.

If your blood is AB, you are nice, regulated, rational, and adaptable, according to the ketsueki-gata. You can be critical and uncertain too. Some individuals might even believe that you have a split character.

A research in Neurology discovered that 82 percent of people with form AB blood have memory and attention problems, so know that you may need little additional time to remember something.

It is also extremely essential if you have AB blood sort that you maintain a healthy lifestyle. According to a research, an individual with AB blood is 23 percent more likely to experience heart condition than of Type O.

This is why caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol or preserved meats should be avoided. However, you do have very small concentrations of stomach acid, making you less likely than other blood types to encounter heartburns and stomach aches.

Blood Type Personality Traits

You don’t have A or B antigens in red cells if you fall into the blood group O, but both A and B antibodies in plasma. O positive is the most common type of blood; O negative is the universal donor, which means that blood types can donate blood to anybody.

If you are O type blood, you are hopeful, autonomous, strong will, and intuitive according to your ketsueki-gata. However, you tend to be somewhat self-obsessed. You can also be somewhat chilly, unstable and somewhat workaholic.

You don’t get stressed, but if you do, it’s very difficult for you to relax. For that reason, type O needs to be exercised more vigorously.

This is a mixed bag for those with Type O. You will most probably get ulcers if you have type O and may break your tendons. Cholera risks are also greater. The excellent news is that individuals with type O blood are less likely to die from pancreatic cancers than individuals with other blood groups.

According to a research conducted by Harvard University, individuals with type-O blood have a lower risk of many types of cancer. However, as your blood is as sweet, you are a mosquito magnet twice as probable to be a type A blood type.
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While there is no scientific evidence of the correlation between blood types and character, the concept became the foundation for scientific racism. However, the research related to getting medical anomalies is true.

In the West, people with type B, the most frequent type of blood among Asians, are labeled inferior. Moreover, there was rampant propaganda in the mid-1900s that there was a ‘higher’ bloodline with blood type A.

Blood grouping is however highly linked to a person’s health and the probability of getting diseased. It’s important to check your and your partner’s blood group before giving birth to avoid complications.

You can check the most probable blood group of your baby before birth using blood type calculator. Blood type calculators are solely invented to predict the baby’s blood group.  So, check your baby’s blood group and be prepared for any emergency.

The relationship between the blood type and the character is today being carefully monitored in Japan, just as sun signs are used to determine character and matchmaking compatibility.

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