Breathe Easy: How To Manage Your Asthma

Breathe Easy: How to Manage Your Asthma

by Micah James — 8 months ago in Health 3 min. read

Asthma is so common that in 2025, it’s likely that about 400 million people are projected to have this condition worldwide.

It is a long-term chronic condition that affects the lungs’ airways. Like its name, airways carry the air in and out of your lungs. However, those with this chronic condition would experience that their airways inflamed and narrowed at times, making it harder for patients to let air in and out of their airways as they breathe.

Moreover, it was found that there are 300 million people who currently suffer from it. Are you part of the 300 million people? If so, you know from experience how hard it can be to manage this condition.

If you’re looking for ways to breathe easy this summer, learning how to manage your condition correctly is the only way you can do it. This page covers what you must do to stay on top of this condition.

Take Your Asthma Medication as Prescribed

Many people tend to skip their asthma preventer/controller medications when they don’t experience any symptoms. If you’re guilty of this, you should know this isn’t recommended. As mentioned above, asthma is a long-term chronic disease. If you have asthma, you always have this condition, even if you don’t feel any symptoms.

As a result, you have to manage your asthma every day. Avoid taking your asthma medications only when you feel the symptoms. When a physician prescribes a medicine, they will give you instructions on when and how to take it. Remember and note those instructions to ensure you’re managing your condition well.

Were you prescribed to take Singulair oral medications? This medicine is used to prevent and treat symptoms of allergies and asthma. It decreases the inflammation in the airways so the patient can breathe easier.

If you were prescribed this medicine to prevent your asthma symptoms, you’d be glad to know that there are Singulair Discounts at BuzzRx.

The costs of managing your asthma condition can be overwhelming, but by using discounts and coupons from helpful websites like BuzzRx, you can save money and lessen your stress.

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Use Your Inhaler Properly

It would help if you learned how to use your inhaler correctly. What is an inhaler? It delivers the medications to your lungs and eventually controls your symptoms. An inhaler is used only when you need it or notice symptoms like wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, and tightness in your chest. It’s also recommended to use it before doing an activity that would make you breathless, e.g., a sport or climbing stairs.

When you misuse an inhaler, you will give your lungs little to no medicine. As a result, you would have to use your inhaler more than once and purchase another one. It’s wasteful and dangerous, especially when you’re in danger of an attack.

Don’t fret because you can quickly learn the inhaler technique with proper practice and training. Just ask your healthcare provider how to use it correctly. Ask them to demonstrate, then ask if they could watch you use your inhaler. This way, you can mirror how to do it as you’ve observed, and the physician can give their notes if you’ve done it incorrectly and give suggestions.

Know Your Triggers To Avoid Them

Think of asthma triggers as irritants that can worsen your symptoms by irritating your airways, making it hard for you to breathe normally. The common triggers are allergies, pollen, sinus infections, acid reflux, and when you breathe in some kind of chemical. But even bad weather, like a thunderstorm or high humidity, can be a trigger. Other triggers include physical exercise, medications, foods and additives, and fragrances.

As you can see, there are numerous triggers, and these triggers aren’t one-size-fits-all. So, it would help if you found out what triggers your condition to avoid them best. It’s how you can manage to experience any asthma attack at all.


Did you know that when you exercise, you can strengthen your muscles, including your breathing muscles? You just need to exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet, and avoid using or smelling tobacco smoke. These are the best things you can do to ensure your lungs function at their best.

Furthermore, when you exercise to improve your breathing muscles, you can also improve your immunity and maintain a healthy body weight. These are all essential to living a healthy life and eventually managing asthma symptoms.

Just be sure you exercise safely, ensuring your asthma is under control before you start. You should also bring your inhaler if any attacks happen while you do your reps at the gym.

Final Thoughts

Do you want to breathe easily? Consider following the things mentioned above to make it easy to manage your asthma. Living with a chronic condition can be managed if you just stick to your doctor’s instructions and make it your mission to read and follow what tips can help you better manage your symptoms.

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