Most 5 Foods That Are Killing Your Intelligence

Most 5 Foods That Are Killing Your Intelligence, Focus and Brain

by Alan Jackson — 4 years ago in Health 3 min. read

Foods That square measure Killing Your Intelligence, Focus and Brain. Our brain has typically been the foremost necessary organ of our body. it’s the mainframe that controls every and each functioning.

Be it our thinking, concentration, or the beating of the center, everything is wired to the brain. that makes it even additional crucial to require care if what we tend to eat and that we do not.

We often eat heaps of things however sure foods will negatively have an effect on the functioning of our brain that directly impacts our memory, reaction, emotions, mood, and additionally will increase the danger of mental health conditions like insanity.

As we tend to age we’d like to stay our brain healthy. Here square measure 5 worst food for our brain that’s slowly and steady killing our focus, intelligence, and heaps additional.

Most 5 Foods That Are Killing Your Intelligence

Sugary Beverages

Cola drink

Colas, juices, energy drinks, soda have been a part of your life. While they taste amazing and kill our thirst for a while, it also causes some serious illness. Sugary drinks easily increase the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

They also have a negative effect on your brain, and type 2 diabetes is sometimes a cause of increasing Alzheimer’s risk. By the way, we all know that these drinks are high in fructose, causing high blood pressure, fat, obesity, brain inflammation, impaired memory, dementia, and more.

Extra Salty Foods

Salty Foods

Most of us know how salty foods affect our blood pressure and immediately affects our heart. The greater quantity of sodium intake influences your cognitive thinking, intellect and hurts your ability to believe.

A number of studies have demonstrated that the usage of salty foods and smoking can be harmful as drugs since they led to acute withdrawal symptoms and symptoms.
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We know what excessive use of alcohol could do with our own brains. The negative effects are similar to brain volume, disturbance of hormones, and much more.

Additionally, it contributes to a lack of vitamin B1, which can be associated with inducing brain disease Wernicke’s encephalopathy (a life threatening disease which primarily affects the peripheral and central nervous systems). Which later develops into chronic memory disease Korsakoff’s syndrome because of abuse of alcohol.

Trans Fats

Trans Fats

Right from our school days, we are told how trans fats can increase obesity, heart problems and cholesterol.

Let me tell you that they are the worst for your brain because they damage your alertness, reactive functioning, and increase the risk of stroke. When consumed too much for long periods, they shrink your brain which is similar to Alzheimer’s for your brain.
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Regardless of the popular actuality that smoking is quite detrimental, ingestion of it wreak havoc in the brain which reduces the free flow of glucose, blood, and oxygen round it.

Needless to state how these working are critical it is to your mind. From growth risk of lung cancer, premature aging to tightening the capillaries, (a blood vessel that is quite essential in regards to your mind functioning ).

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Fitoru Ketone
Fitoru Ketone
3 years ago

This article make me afraid what to eat and aware on what to eat. I might loss weight thinking my food are not isn’t a food anymore. Thanks for sharing.

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