Endless Benefits Of Owning Multi-services App Like Gojek

Endless benefits of owning multi-services App like Gojek

by Catherine — 4 years ago in Mobile Apps 4 min. read

Gojek is a one-stop solution for all kinds of delivery, professional services, and rental services. This app has gained immense popularity since its launch due to the ease and comfort it offers.

Customers can utilize professional services and delivery services in one place. It is useful for entrepreneurs who kick-start their business with these services.

They can get more profits from the beginning. We might be wondering the reason for the popularity of an app like Gojek.

Endless benefits of owning multi-services App like Gojek 1

Here are the significant aspects that contribute to the success of the app:

  • Users need not fill their smartphones with apps for every on-demand service they require. They can simply download the multi-services Gojek app.
  • Since they can use the same platform for all the services, the cost incurred is less compared to a single service app.
  • The app provides a seamless navigation experience to the users. 
  • Users have a more extensive range of options to choose from, more services across various cities are part of the app.

Factors to consider while developing an app like Gojek

Understand the target customers

While starting a multi-service Gojek like app development, it is essential to research and analyze the target audience. The requirement for services varies according to the country.

For instance, for a densely populated country like China or India, the taxi-booking service can be beneficial for the users, and it is bound to become popular. 

Have a growth strategy

In order to be successful, the Gojek clone app must be in accordance with the customer requirements. For this frequent survey and polls can be taken, and the changes can be implemented in the app.

Employ a data analyst to pinpoint the areas of demand and employ more resources to manage them effectively. 

In the current situation, the demand for grocery and food delivery services is high, and taxi booking services are comparatively lesser due to the ongoing crisis.

So it would be wise to partner with many supermarkets and restaurants to meet people’s demands. On the other hand, more delivery executives need to be employed to provide timely services to customers.

Choose a business model

It is crucial to choose the right business model. The business model governs the number of customers that can be part of the Gojek clone app. There are many business models, like on-demand, aggregated, curated, and so on.

Decide on the revenue stream

There are several revenue streams to choose from, like the commission-based model, in-app advertising, and listing services.

The commission-based model revolves around getting a small fee as commission from the users for using these app’s services. These are included as part of the fare for the delivery/on-demand service. The revenue depends on the number of customers using the Gojek like app.

The advertisement-based model involves partnering up with third-party services like Google Ad-sense to list promotional content in the application.

These content are related to the module of the app. For example, advertisements for restaurants are listed in the food delivery service app.

In order to gain more popularity and listing, service providers can request paid listing services. Through these paid listing services, the desired services appear at the top, thereby attracting more customers to the multi-services applications. 

Why are Super Apps a better investment choice?

A Super app is an application that provides multi services in a single module. In other words, multi-services apps are also called Super apps.

Some of the popular examples of Super apps are Gojek, WeChat, Line, Grab, etc. Entrepreneurs can gain the following by investing in Gojek clone app development:

  • A larger audience will be part of the app compared to a single services app. This means that more revenue will be generated through the application.  For instance, WeChat was launched over a decade ago. It is still able to keep its audience intact. Through the app, people can book a taxi, apply for a loan, transact with local businesses, and so on. It has an average of $7 revenue per user, which is seven times greater than WhatsApp.
  • It gives app owners an added leverage to channel their revenue and business efficiently. Alipay, part of Alibaba, is a payment gateway that is part of significant E-commerce platforms Taobao and Tmall, owned by Alibaba. It collects social and transactional information from these services and uses it to provide a credit-based rating system for its customers and merchants in its Ant Financial, its financial services arm. 
  • In the traditional marketing strategy, people used mass-marketing to encourage more customers to be part of their market. In digital marketing, the same is achieved through these super apps. It acts as a hub providing customers with a wide range of services as per their convenience. With the immense data that the app owners acquire, they stream it to provide a personalized shopping experience. Thus the chances of customers deterring from the platform are very less.
  • It is compatible with network traffic as the developers have anticipated the demand and built the apps to withstand the increasing demand of the customers.
  • For example, PayTM, apart from its digital wallet services, has been a platform enabling users to book flights, train tickets, and have an E-commerce service provider, PayTM mall. 

Summing up

Multi-services apps are a market place for people to get the services they need. With the comprehensive admin panel, app owners can swiftly manage their business efficiently.

The revenue generated by the Gojek clone script will be several times higher than single service applications.

Make use of this wonderful opportunity and invest in the clone app solution offered by leading app development companies.


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