How To Start A Uber-Like Business

How to start a Uber-Like Business

by Alan Jackson — 3 years ago in Mobile Apps 3 min. read

Uber is one of the most popular and leading ride-sharing app across the globe. Uber business model has been a trendsetter in the mobility and on-demand economy.

There are also other prominent players such as Lyft, Careem, and Gett in the ride-hailing industry. However, Uber still retains the lion’s share of the market.

According to a report by Statista, it serviced 111 million people every month in 2019. And, clocking a massive net revenue of USD 14.1 billion.

However, Uber and its peers are still lagging in meeting the demand of customers. Goldman Sachs estimates that the ride-hailing industry is expected to grow eight times and become a 285 billion USD market by 2030.

Another report by Statista highlights that user penetration will reach 20.6% by 2024 from 19.2% in 2020. Unless the current players boost their capabilities to unprecedented levels, supply is falling short of demand in clear terms.

So, if you are hoping to launch your own ride-sharing business, the industry is open and ripe for new entrants. But, the question is how to follow in the footsteps of Uber? Well, it takes years to get a success like Uber. What’s more crucial is to start now. Here is how you can do it:

Define Your Value Proposition for ride sharing app

Uber functions as a facilitator between motorists and riders. The drivers have the flexibility to determine the conditions of a contract according to their own schedule. At precisely the exact same time, riders get freedom at their own convenience.

Subsequently, Uber earns its revenue by collecting a commission from both passengers and drivers.

Why should taxi drivers associate with your company? Why should clients reserve your ceremony rather than your opponents’?

What is so exceptional about your organization? The replies to these questions can allow you to discover your ride-sharing firm’s value proposition.
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Develop a Powerful ride App

Uber’s program is the core base where its laurels rest. Accessible on both the iOS and Android, Uber is an amalgamation of 3 programs:

Passenger App: 

Utilizing this program, riders can program a taxi, visit the driver and taxi information, handle personal profiles, and also monitor real-time ride standing and background. They’re also able to cover the fare, speak to the motorists, receive drive notifications, and provide ratings/reviews.

Driver App: 

The program enables Uber’s drivers to demonstrate their accessibility to bikers, accept or refuse a ride, handle private and taxi profiles, in addition to telephone the riders. Furthermore, they could navigate a path through GPS, gauge the expense of the travel, and inspect the daily status of excursions and earnings.
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Admin Panel: 

Also Referred to as the nerve center of Uber. This program is more of an internet program. It functions as an admin for both driver and passenger programs. It enables the company monitor, handles, and reviews such facets — automobile info, coordination between drivers and riders, billing and statement, customer responses, and promotions, and discounts.

The cost of developing an Uber-like app depends on several factors, such as:

  • Geography for which the app needs to be developed.
  • Type, number and customization of features required.
  • The location of the app development team.
  • The number of app development hours.

If you would like to supply a strong customer experience via a program, it ought to have rich attributes and supply real time info.

Find Innovative/Alternative Revenue Generation Streams

Uber is known for its three Earnings generation Versions Aside from the Regular fee collection:

Surge prices:

Whenever there’s a spike in demand in a specific area or in a particular time, Uber employs surge pricing. It follows that riders need to pay an extra fare over and over the base fare . The surge pricing comes from the picture during poor weather, particular occasions/holidays, rush hours, etc..

Vehicle Choice: 

Whether the rider would like to ride on luxury or budget, or needs additional chairs, Uber presents a number of options of the taxi and fares at the time of booking. The passenger program displays the car type and fare .

Brand Promotions: 

Given its large customer base, most manufacturers collaborate with Uber to market their services and products on its own program. Uber charges a commission in the brands for conducting these advertisements campaigns.

Therefore, you need to find and split out advanced classes for revenue generation too.
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Uber has come a long way since it started its breakthrough journey in the ride-sharing segment. With the right vision, feasible business model, and a feature-rich mobile app, you can also confidently tread Uber’s path.

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