Top Enterprise App Development In 2020

Top Enterprise App Trends to watch out for in 2020

by Vignesh B — 4 years ago in Mobile Apps 4 min. read

The presence of a stringent need in global industries to embrace digitization is more or less getting answered by the immense potential of Enterprise App development trends in 2020 rarely disrupting the vast digital ecosystem.

Presently there are a numerous level of technologies and trends evolving from artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and Internet of Things for accomplishing Enterprise App Development.

A recent survey estimates that around $582 billion of revenue should engross and accumulate from all the Enterprise App Development Companies.

These incredible facts have caused unending and intriguing thoughts within businesses to identifying the top enterprise app development trends which may rule in 2020. Therefore we have identified some of the latest of enterprise app development trends for your reference.

Top Enterprise App development in 2020

AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is said to prevail among the everlasting enterprise app trends that needs no big explanations. Its market value is forecasted to be around $191 billion before the end of 2024 year. More industries are signifying at this growth by integrating AI to their business now and then.

In specific, the medical and manufacturing industries have greatly leveraged this high precisions and data handling capacities of Artificial Intelligence technology and thence improved the process efficiency extraordinarily. The combination of AI and machine learning is fast becoming a befitting tool for enterprise app developments.

When considering iOS, Android and other enterprise platforms it is often through this integration essentially the app building process is best learnt making way for easy defect identification and rectification at real-time basis.

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Blockchain Technology

The advent of Blockchain has evolved quite fast within the corporates leaving behind all the efforts of cryptocurrency technology. Any soon it would become part of enterprise app development world and enable business innovations to take place instantly.

The one interesting quality about Blockchain Technology is that it prevents any kind of data breaches from occurring or creation of false document.

This is because Blockchain is basically a decentralized IT Systems that results in block building whenever a new data is recorded. It should allow the administrator to know the source of the evildoer pin-pointedly.

The real world application of Blockchain can be observed in the ecommerce wallet payment transactions processed over a robust Blockchain-enabled payment app.

In due progress you may also find the blockchain provided as a service for dispelling away anti-piracy activities and promote cryptocurrency exchanges within corporates.


IoT Technology will dominate the enterprise app development enabling individuals to interact effectively with IoT enabled devices and control them at freewill.

Entrepreneurs can now work smart by sending commands to IoT enabled devices to power On/Off according to their lifestyles and mend ways for improving their comfort zones appropriately.

With the presence of a IoT ecosystem all that you might be requiring is a smartphone with internet connectivity for utilizing the IoT devices on the go while working in the office or at home. Internet of Things technology is surely going to be the best of trends practised across enterprise app developments in 2020.

Beacon Technology

Typically an Enterprise App will be laying good use of Beacon Technology in their development trends creating new avenues for initiating proximity marketing. Its promising features are already present in the business associated with some of the renowned industries like healthcare, tourism and hospitality.

Basically, beacon communication works utilizing the location based technology sending instant discounts, offers, coupons and tickets to the customers strolling in the market vicinity.

Beacons can be used to streamline the business operations for transportation and retail industries while establishing a high level of interaction with the user for promoting better sales.
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Wearable devices will be one of the most sought after trends in enterprise app developments that includes fitness bands, smartwatches, trackers and smart rings etc.

According to the 2020 market research the wearable technology should be having a predictable market value closing around $33 billion in revenues.

There would be a lot of wearable device integrations permissible in the enterprise app developments leading to a vast access range for employees and entrepreneurs to get benefitted. It will certainly neglect the employee’s burdens of handling smartphones at work.

More Bots

In the latest of developments in SMEs and start-ups there will be lot of bots adaptation that would impact application to work on a large scale.

However, with the presence of 2.5 million apps combining both Android and iOS app stores the near probability a larger number of apps having chatbots integration will least likely be present which improves the UI and UX services.

Chatbots are going to be the emerging trends for enterprise app developments simply for its impeccable operations that attributes to providing accurate answering responses for its users. E-Commerce and Food Delivery Industries are the once that make the most of Chatbots and enhance their business capacity immensely. It should allow a variety of businesses to manage off their process absolutely well.
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More companies and corporates will begin to think of the above trends and integrate one of those viable technologies within their company in 2020. It should introduce a fierce competition in the enterprise app developments and induce many companies to form IT Teams effectively without expending a lot of efforts.

Quintessentially, every business will have their un-satiating demand for to adapt atleast one of the enterprise app development trends in order to streamline their business process in 2020.

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