Top Mobile App Development Tools 2021

Top Mobile App Development Tools 2021

by Charles Rhine — 4 years ago in Mobile Apps 3 min. read

Why app development tools are important for developers?

The market of the mobile app is growing faster day by day. Every business organization, small or big is developing its app to fulfill the needs of its mobile customers.
Mobile apps can be built using several tools and you should know that, which tool to select to get the best app out with your budget. There are many app development tools available in the industry. I talked to several experts in app development and captured their thoughts on what they think are the best app development tools for 2020. Here are several expert opinions on the topic:


React-native has been the most preferred cross-platform solution for developing both Android and IOS app respectively. React Native is an open-source framework developed by Facebook that lets you create native mobile apps using a javascript programming language. One of the benefits of using react native is the advantage of code reusability, you can use the same code for the deployment on iOS as well as android. Due to this feature a huge saving in development time and cost. React native has an extra feature that you will not find in native framework i.e. ‘live reloading’. It enables you to immediately see the result of the latest changes in code. Other advantages of using react native are it offers simple UI, supports third-party plugins, offers more stable apps and providing handy solutions. As compared to hybrid technologies which were the only option in the past for cross-platform- React native is superfast. 

By Piyush Jain, Simpalm.

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Xamarin is a great cross-platform tool that can create apps with almost native UI experience. It allows you to create the UI using native elements and write the data access and business logic layers using a single source code. It runs on .NET language infrastructure, while built on C# programming. It also allows communication with APIs of mobile devices. Developers who have a .NET background tend to use Xamarin to build apps. This is beneficial for those apps when you have to implement functions like offline mode, a large amount of local data and image recognition.

 By Simon Bisson, Infoworld.

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Titanium Appcelerator

Titanium is an open-source framework that allows developing native mobile apps on the platform such as iOS, Android and windows from a single javascript codebase. It provides the development environment something mix between provided by Xamarin and PhoneGap. The main feature of Titanium is that the app created by Titanium is not less than native apps because it contains IDE, SDK, and MVC. some other features are, The complied code is a combination of javascript and native which increase performance over PhoneGap, rapid prototyping, web-oriented, well-known javascript to many developers and the resulting app feels and look close as native.

 By Paul Krill.


PhoneGap is an open-source version of the software known as  Apache Cordova. It is very simple as compare to Xamarin because most developers know HTML, CSS, and Javascript. PhoneGap has direct access to the library Cordova plugins and also support  SDK plugins so that developer can do more with native components such as file transfer and push notification and also add native components directly without any code. One of the major advantages of using PhoneGap is that it can be used to develop a single app that is compatible with all mobile devices, irrespective of the operating system. To make the development process easier and faster and to improve the functionality, PhoneGap integrates with several libraries.

 By Aaron Eversole, Software Solutions Integrated, LLC.

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Sencha is an online javascript framework to build mobile apps. The main feature of the mobile app is to function through the touch of fingerprint rather than keys and mouse. This tool focuses on integrating high-quality responsiveness for your application to improve the touch and user experience. It is a powerful tool for developing a native app in less time. If you want your app to be faster than sencha is best for you. It supports the creation of all types of mobile apps for all IOS, Android and Blackberry systems. 

By Rachel King, ZDNet.


Iconic is an HTML 5 mobile app development tool that is used for creating a cross-platform mobile application. It gives you great tools and services to develop a highly interactive app. It has inbuilt features like default CSS component and javascript component for developing a mobile app. 

By Christophe Coenraets,

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A mobile application of your business is very important if you have received the maximum traffic from the mobile device. It is an easier, faster, and convenient way to serve your customers. If you need to develop a mobile app I hope this gives you some good ideas to start.

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