What Is A Home Organization App?

What is a Home Organization App?

by Alan Jackson — 2 years ago in Mobile Apps 4 min. read

Are you tired of the home staying a mess even when you’ve told your children or spouse to clean up after themselves?

Do you wish you could coordinate fun activities with your families like sharing recipes or crafts? Are all of your pertinent documents stuffed in a drawer somewhere collecting dust?

If any of these scenarios sound like you, you could benefit from using a home organization app. This article discusses the best home organization apps and what you should consider when using them.

Each of the apps on this list has distinct features. Continue reading to learn which of these organization apps would best suit your needs.

The Benefits of a Home Organization App

Reduced Stress

Working around the house always causes stress. The more organized you are with an organization app, the easier it is to prioritize tasks around the house and stay on top of your daily, weekly, and monthly chores.

Doing so should be easy when you use a home organization app. You should easily be able to locate your files and schedule your chores from one location.

Time Management

The best home organization apps help you maximize your time effortlessly. They should have easy-to-use platforms and you should be able to use them from anywhere with an internet connection.

These apps should also be enjoyable to use. Time management shouldn’t be considered a drag. You should look forward to optimizing your time without hassling with complex platforms.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Reducing stress and optimizing your schedule should lead to more productivity and efficiency.

Whether you’re trying to declutter your office or simply get more things done around the house, the best organization apps let you accomplish your tasks without worrying about getting distracted.

What Are the Best Home Organization Apps?

1. Bublup

Bublup is an innovative app with the main focus on making organizations vibrant and fun. With color-coded organizing, file sharing, and recipe sharing, this app is perfect for collaboration with families.

Assign specific tasks to family members and have them check in when they complete those tasks.

Upload videos of you performing tasks around the house to inform your children or spouse on how to properly complete chores. Regardless of your chores, Bublup makes organization in the home simple and easy to complete.
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2. Homer

Homer makes it easy for homeowners to keep track of various documents such as mortgage or lease agreements so you don’t have to stow away important documents in the dark and forgotten filing cabinets in your attic or office closet.

Signing up is free and you only have to answer a few simple questions before getting on your way to the organization.

After adding all of your rooms, you can input specific information for high-priced items including their make, model, and warranty information.

Homer provides users the ability to photograph older items and obtain their serial number, make, and model for you. You can take pictures of whatever you want in your room and receive an estimate from Homer.

Additionally, you can take pictures of important documents such as passports, vaccination records, and contracts and store this information in the documents tab in the app.
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3. Tody

Tody is perfect for people trying to stay ahead of the game with house cleaning and other chores. After you start an account, you can select the room in your house and add various items and tasks that need completion.

You can also add a schedule for when you want them done each week. Once you complete them, there is a tab titled “Just Did It” that helps you keep track of completed tasks. When it’s time to complete the task again, Tody sends you a notification reminder.

4. My Stuff Organizer

One of the common threads with the best home organization apps is that they allow you to photograph your belongings and store them in organized tabs within the app. Unlike Tody and Homer, however, My Stuff Organizer gives you notifications when warranties are set to expire.

Users can keep track of the items they sell, donate, or loan to friends. They can also document the names of those they loan items to.
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5. Cozi

Cozi Family Organizer is an app everyone in the family can use. When you create an account, all of your family members should remember the password to avoid confusion.

After starting your account, users can sync their Google and Apple calendars, making it easy to stay on top of family activities and plan your schedule. Some more useful features include:

  • Sorting through shopping lists
  • Keeping separate lists for groceries and wholesale stores.
  • Separate tab for family recipes.

What to Remember When Choosing an Organization App

There are a few key things to remember when choosing a home organization app. You need to consider whether the app fits your needs, its features and whether it can sync across other platforms.
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Does the App Fit Your Needs?

Decide what you want to use a home organization app for; be it recipe sharing, keeping track of important documents, or organizing chores. Different apps will have features suited to your needs.

Choose one that contains all of the features you need by conducting research beforehand and looking at customer reviews to see whether apps deliver what their customers need.

What Features Does the App Have?

The features home organization apps offer should focus on various aspects of keeping your home functioning properly.

They should also be intuitive and you shouldn’t have to spend hours trying to figure out how to use the various features. User experience is as important as the features themselves when it comes to choosing a home organization app.

For example, if you want to utilize a home organization app for its recipe sharing feature, you should easily be able to input and share your recipe with whomever you want.
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Does It Have a Cross-Platform Feature?

You should be able to access your home organization app from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, no matter the device you use. When trying to coordinate family activities or chores, you need everyone to be on the same page.

Your son should be able to access it from the desktop when he gets home from school while your daughter receives a notification from her tablet while with friends.

The most effective home organization apps make it easy to collaborate no matter where each family member is in the world.
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Conclusion- What Do Home Organization Apps Do?

Home organization apps are perfect for any family trying to maximize their productivity, organize their important documents, and share responsibilities around the house.

Maintaining a household can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be when you use one of these innovative, comprehensive home organization apps.

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