Why Apps Like Twitter And Pinterest Are Creating Progressive Web Apps

Why Apps Like Twitter and Pinterest are Creating Progressive Web Apps for Hyper Growth?

by Meenakshi Mamgai — 4 years ago in Mobile Apps 4 min. read

Considering the app development companies’ growth right now, there is no denying of the fact that most of us prefer an app over a website.

But, amongst those apps we’ve got progressive web applications that look like a website but works like an application. And there is great chance that you must have used that kind of app once.

With PWAs you can easily access information and functionalities without downloading an application. The reason behind its fluency is the fact that it uses modern web technology.

Not only this technology makes it more rigid it also delivers app-like experience to the users in their respective browsers.

Ever since the inception of smartphones and applications, it has been found that phones hold 70% of the internet usage, the primary reason behind such a number is the access users get with their smartphones.

With that being said, we have made things quite clear that progressive web apps make things easier for users and help them enhance their experience.

The Dawn of PWAs

Apps like Twitter, Flipkart, Amazon, Pinterest, and more have a PWA in their arsenal, as it combines the feature of web and mobile app to deliver a native or hybrid app-like experience.

A PWA gives access to every possible feature your device has and lets you access the content through various browsers. What makes PWA better than native apps is its capability to run on any given platform, whereas native apps are designed for specific platforms like iOS and Android.

Do you know what the best part is; you can install a PWA on your phone by just pinning it to the home page of your device, which is a great way to promote mobile app growth.

Following are some apps that are incorporating the abilities of PWAs just to provide their users with best-in-class experience.


Twitter doesn’t need an introduction, as it is considered to be the most used and famous social media platforms available out there.

With this app you get access to latest tech news and updates regarding world affair in just a few taps. Twitter is ranked amongst the best social media apps, with more than 330 million active users per month; and around 80% of them use it on their smart phones.

To make their app faster and more reliable, developers at Twitter made PWA the default mobile mode in April 2017.

What they achieved:
  • Twitter witnessed a 20% decrease in its bounce rate
  • The number of tweets increased by 75%
  • The number of pages per session saw growth by 65%

If you are amongst those who are using Twitter lite, then you’d be happy to know that you are saving the most of your data plan. The reason being, PWA takes up space of 500kb, while its app on the other hand is 18mb in size.
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Flipkart is India’s largest e-commerce website, which undergone some issues while providing its users with best possible experience in 2019.

Later on, they decided to shut down their mobile website and launch its users an app-only interface. With its PWA initiative, it replicated the native experience for its users.

The results Flipkart achieved:
  • Flipkart increases the initial time to 3x that a user spend on the app
  • The re-engagement rate of the users increased by 50%
  • The Data usage option was reduced to three times among the users who visit the site through the Add to Home Screen option and that is a PWA for Flipkart
  • The user conversion rate for purchasing a product increased by 73%


Being an image-based platform, Pinterest has over 250 million active users every month. What makes this app quite a famous one among the users is its capability to let users make their own catalog of ideas.

Pinterest has the intent to further enhance user experience and improve the habit of more than just the app’s installation.

Developers at Pinterest rewrote the mobile website as a PWA to achieve the following results:
  • Weekly active users grew by a whopping 140%
  • Pinterest pins increase by 400%
  • The Login rate increased by 370% where the signup rate increased by 850%
  • The payload of the main application increased by 500kb

Why You Should Consider Investing In Making A PWA For Your Application?

One thing that you should know is that PWAs are not available on the app store, which is something businesses shouldn’t consider making if their customers don’t visit their website more often.

The reason being, you’ll only get prompted download the PWA when you on the home screen of the website. Following are some points which you should consider before going in for PWA development.

  1. Cost latched on to customer acquisition

If you are planning on minimizing or cutting down customer acquisition cost, then we are happy to tell you that PWA’s can help you in the best possible way.

It is a fact there are not many companies that can afford the high cost of user acquisition which is something a native app wants in the first place.
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  1. Significance of app store presence

Whether you believe it or not but Games and Social Media Applications have the maximum number of chances for being downloaded by the user from the app stores.

So, if your business falls in a category that has a higher chance of getting recognized in the hay stack of app store and the web searches with the use of keywords, then don’t waste your time and go for PWA development.

  1. Requirements

What sets a PWA apart is its accessibility without an active internet connection, which is good news for all the businesses out there.

PWAs can work exceptionally well for e-commerce platforms, education portals, and other business websites that can work with offline content with ease.

Features that a Progressive Web App Should Have

  1. Discoverability

PWA being a web version of the app is indexed in search engines. It makes things easier for users to Google your business and finds it with ease. Such features can help your app and business in the best possible way.

  1. Progressive

The best part about PWA is its capability of working even when the internet connectivity is low. Being a cross-browser compatible application, a PWA developer does not have to worry of building a separate version for different browsers.

  1. Device Compatibility

Since PWAs can run on any given platform, it reduces the need for feature-rich device. With that being stated, your customers/users can easily download and install the app on any smart phone of any platform.

Giving your users the ease to access will ultimately enhance the engagement and eventually boost downloads.
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  1. Higher Performance

PWAs are designed with well-rounded technologies and corresponding framework, and are capable of reducing the overall time taken to load a page along with the wait time. This quickens the speed at which users requests are being answered.

  1. App-Like Interface

Being such apps that are mobile compatible and offer features which you’ll get from an app, let users engage with your business and boost app interaction and usage. Remember, the healthier the relation with your users, the better will be the acquisition rate.

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