10 Common Computer Issues And How To Troubleshoot Them

10 Common Computer Issues And How To Troubleshoot Them

by Micah James — 11 months ago in Review 2 min. read

You need your computer issues to be fully functioning at all times but the reality is that you will sometimes encounter some technical issues that need resolving.

Using someone such as GPK Adelaide, for instance, to give you the IT support you need to keep everything running smoothly is a good proactive approach. Another smart move would be to learn about some common computer issues and how to fix them.

Your Keyboard is Not Responding or Working Properly

A typical issue you can encounter with your keyboard is when it seems to be responding with a clicking noise but doesn’t type anything.

This usually means you have enabled the filter or toggle keys. To fix this problem you need to uncheck the turn-on toggle and filter keys options.

Your PC Won’t Power Up

It is very frustrating to find your PC refuses to respond and the screen remains blank.

A good fix for this is to hold down the power button for about a minute. This can often reset your PC and it will then come to life again.

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Problems Maintaining A WiFi Connection

There are a few things that could cause your PC to keep disconnecting from your WiFi connection.

It could be security software preventing access. Or it could be a faulty network card, or maybe an outdated network driver that is the problem.

Check for any new updates and check to see if Windows has been optimized to save power. This can sometimes cause network connection issues. Go to the power management tab and uncheck the option that allows the computer to turn off a device to save power.

PC Runs Slowly

Your PC will run noticeably slower when it experiences fragmentation of the hard drive.

Run a disk cleanup and software cleanup to speed it up.

A File Opens in The Wrong Program

You can fix this minor issue by right-clicking on the file and using the Choose Another App option.

Fixing A Missing Search Field From The Start Program

When you discover that a search field is missing from your start menu verify that the search box has been checked. This will add the search feature to your start menu.

Unexplained Loud Noises From Your PC

Noticeably loud grinding or clicking noises are often a sign of a problem with your cooling fan or the hard drive.

Get this checked asap. It might be that it’s time to replace these items rather than risk a complete failure.

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Slow or Unresponsive Internet Browsing

This problem is usually a software or hardware issue. It could also be due to conflicts in the IP address registration.

Try rebooting your router to see if this fixes the problem.

Your PC Often Freezes

It is surprising how often you can fix a freezing problem by simply rebooting your PC. Try running a system to see if it is still freezing. This should give you some more information to investigate.

A Blue Screen is Never A Good Thing to See

It is called the Blue Screen of Death for a reason. Your screen turns blue when your PC has a hardware issue.

Diagnostics will often reveal an error code that should tell you what the problem is.

Many computer issues are fixable with a bit of know-how and by following the usual procedures to put things right.

You can often fix minor issues by yourself but it is advisable to have an IT solutions partner in place who can sort things out with the minimum of fuss.

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