Canon G7X Mark III Review: Should You Buy For Photography?

Canon G7X Mark III Review: Should You Buy For Photography?

by Evelyn Addison β€” 12 months ago in Review 2 min. read

The Canon G7X Mark III is a popular travel compact camera designed for vlogging, travel, and everyday photography.

Having had the opportunity to use this camera extensively, I must say it’s a fantastic choice for content creators and enthusiasts alike.

One of the standout features of the G7X Mark III is its compact and lightweight design. It easily fits into a pocket or bag, making it perfect for on-the-go shooting.

The camera’s sleek build and sturdy construction give it a premium feel, ensuring it’s durable enough to withstand various shooting conditions.

Image Quality

The image quality of the G7X Mark III is impressive for its size. Equipped with a 20.1-megapixel 1-inch CMOS sensor and Canon’s DIGIC 8 image processor, the camera produces sharp and vibrant images with accurate colors. Even in challenging lighting situations, the G7X Mark III performs admirably, delivering detailed and noise-free images.


The camera’s autofocus system is fast and reliable. The Dual Pixel CMOS AF allows for quick and precise focusing, especially when shooting in Live View or recording videos. The face and eye detection features work remarkably well, ensuring that portraits are sharp and perfectly focused on the subject’s eyes.

For vloggers and content creators, the G7X Mark III offers excellent video capabilities. It can record 4K video at 30fps and Full HD video at up to 120fps for slow-motion footage. The addition of a clean HDMI output allows for external recording and live streaming, making it a versatile tool for creating high-quality video content.

Flip-up Screen

The G7X Mark III comes with a flip-up touchscreen, which is ideal for vloggers who want to monitor themselves while recording. The touchscreen interface is intuitive and responsive, making it easy to navigate through menus and adjust settings.

Another highlight of this camera is the built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. These features allow for seamless transfer of images and videos to a smartphone or tablet for quick sharing on social media or cloud storage platforms.

Battery Life

The battery life of the G7X Mark III is decent for a compact camera. However, it’s always advisable to carry a spare battery, especially during extended shooting sessions or travel.

The Drawbacks

One drawback worth mentioning is the absence of a viewfinder. While the flip-up touchscreen serves as a good alternative for composing shots, some users might prefer an electronic viewfinder for added stability and precision in bright outdoor conditions.


In conclusion, the Canon G7X Mark III is an excellent compact camera that offers superb image and video quality, reliable autofocus, and impressive portability.

Whether you’re a vlogger, traveler, or just someone looking for a high-quality compact camera, the G7X Mark III won’t disappoint. It’s a reliable and versatile companion for capturing your moments with ease and exceptional quality.

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