Exploring Totara: Features, Benefits, User Interface Overview

Exploring Totara: Features, Benefits, And User Interface Overview

by Micah James — 3 weeks ago in Review 3 min. read

When it comes to overseeing learning and growth, having a learning management system (LMS) is crucial. Exploring Totara, a regarded LMS, offers a range of features that we will delve into in this blog. We’ll discuss the advantages of Totara, its user interface overview, and why it might be the choice if you’re considering implementing an LMS or seeking insights into its capabilities.

Understanding Totara

Totara stands out as an open-source LMS tailored for businesses and organizations of all sizes. It prides itself on flexibility and scalability while adapting its features to suit business needs. The primary goal of Totara is to enable organizations to deliver training programs effectively.

Key Features of Totara


One significant benefit of using Totara is its customization options. Organizations can personalize their LMS by branding the platform, modifying the user interface (UI), and adjusting functionalities to suit their requirements.

Competency Framework

Through competency frameworks, Totara allows organizations to establish their competency models effectively. This feature helps in tailoring training programs with desired skills and competencies, ensuring employees receive relevant learning experiences.

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Multitenancy Support

Totara’s multitenancy feature allows different departments or branches within a company to share one LMS instance while still having control over how they customize their content.

Learning Paths

In Totara, users can create learning paths for individuals or groups, enhancing engagement by offering tailored training based on skill levels, objectives, or job roles.

Reporting and Analytics

Monitoring progress is essential in learning strategies. Totara provides reporting tools with pre-made reports and dashboards covering areas like course completion rates, learner engagement metrics, performance trends, and assessment outcomes.

Advantages of Totara

Cost Effectiveness

Due to its open-source nature, Totara eliminates the need for licensing fees, making it a budget-friendly choice for businesses. Additionally, being open source allows organizations to benefit from community expertise for enhancements and updates.


Whether a small business or a multinational corporation, Totara can adapt to your organization’s growth seamlessly. It effortlessly scales with your business expansion needs, simplifying the management of learner populations and course offerings.

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User-Focused Design

Totara provides a user interface that ensures easy navigation for both learners and administrators. The design focuses on the user, aiming to create an engaging learning environment with easy-to-follow menus, simplified processes, and responsive features.

Integration Capabilities

Totara integrates with tools and systems commonly used in organizations, such as CRM solutions or HRMS. This integration facilitates data sharing across platforms, reducing tasks while ensuring data accuracy.

User Interface Overview

The Totara user interface prioritizes simplicity and accessibility while maintaining functionality. Below is an overview of the sections and their functions:

Home Page

Upon logging in, learners land on the Home Page where they can access announcements from instructors or administrators, view assigned courses or learning paths, track progress, and discover suggested content tailored to their goals or interests.

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The Courses section displays a catalog of courses within the LMS. Users can filter courses by categories, like job roles or skill levels, to easily locate training programs. Starting a course is straightforward. Simply click on its title, directing them to the course material where they can go through modules, complete quizzes, and engage with multimedia elements conveniently.

Profile and Progress Tracking

Each student has a profile that showcases details and progress updates. This profile allows students to monitor their accomplishments, review finished courses, and see earned certifications.

Discussion Boards

Totara’s integration with discussion boards enables students to collaborate and share knowledge within the learning management system. This feature promotes interaction among students and instructors, building a sense of community for learning.

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In Conclusion

Totara serves as a learning management system that provides scalability, customization features, and a user-friendly interface. Its functionalities such as competency frameworks, personalized learning paths, easy progress tracking, and user-friendly UI make the administration of training programs enjoyable.

Additionally, its open-source nature offers cost-effectiveness and adaptability for organizations. Whether you are a business or a large corporation, Totara can serve as the LMS solution tailored to your requirements while enhancing organizational learning outcomes.

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