Monetize Your Travel Blog: Scraping And Other Efficient Methods

How To Make Money From Your Travel Blog: Scraping And Other Efficient Methods

by Micah James — 1 month ago in Review 3 min. read

Are you passionate about travel and sharing your adventures online? Perhaps it’s time to consider turning your blog into a source of income. Contrary to popular belief, there are many ways to monetize a travel blog. However, to be granted that opportunity, you need to provide valuable information to your followers, so you can increase their number continuously. Here is a brief guide on where to acquire the data to create compelling content and transform your love for travel into a source of revenue.

Content: Gather Essential Information by Scraping Popular Travel Websites

One way to grow your audience is by offering the best current deals available online in your blog. This can be achieved by scraping top travel websites daily, particularly specialized search engines like Kayak, which offer details on flight availability, prices, and reviews, as well as options for accommodations and car rentals.

Scraping is a method used to extract and store data from a website onto a file inside your personal computer. By utilizing a web scraping API like ZenRows, you can make this process easy. It offers a wide range of tutorials that can be understood even by beginners. For example, it will teach you how to bypass Akamai bot detection, a software that is sometimes put in place by website owners to prevent malicious attacks, and that can also block your scraping requests.

In addition, consider scraping informative travel websites to discover unique and exciting locations and activities that you can then feature on your blog. Your readers are certainly always seeking advice on the best tours and must-visit spots whenever they travel to a new place. Providing suggestions for top-rated restaurants, bars and things to do is an excellent method for attracting more followers to your blog.

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Proven Methods to Monetize Your Travel Blog

Generating income through a blog, regardless of its topic, is not a quick process. It can take over a year for your blog to rank on the first pages of Google search results. However, if you consistently produce quality content and put in the time and effort, you will eventually get there.


Building a larger audience is crucial if you want to monetize your blog with ads. This is the main source of income for many bloggers. Once you have established a loyal following with a substantial number of readers, you can reach out to an ad management company. Some popular options include Mediavine, Monumetric, and AdThrive. Be sure to research their requirements for page views or sessions before contacting them to place ads on your blog.

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Affiliate Marketing

The second option to make money with your blog is through affiliate marketing, which can be a great starting point. All you need to do is recommend a product by providing a link to it. If your readers end up purchasing something after clicking on it on your blog, you will receive a commission. Naturally, the key is to select relevant categories for tourism, like hotels, car rental companies, and tour providers. You could begin with well-known affiliate programs in this industry, like Discover Cars for car rentals and the popular for hotels.

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Merchandising Line

The third option is to create and market your merchandise line. If you believe that your blog’s personality or content is strong enough to attract a following and sell products that reflect it, then consider offering a variety of merchandise to your readers. A great way to start is by focusing on digital products. Many travel bloggers offer e-travel guides to their audience, which can be a lucrative source of income. You can also create exclusive items for your loyal fans and sell them through an e-commerce platform linked to your blog. Be selective in choosing products that align with your brand image and are likely to sell well. Some items, like thermal mugs for traveling, are always popular choices.

Other sources of revenue include paid press trips (write about a destination in exchange for compensation), exclusive sponsored articles, and monetizing your blog’s social media accounts (YouTube and Instagram).

As you can see, the world of travel blogging offers many monetization opportunities. However, your priority should be creating high-quality content, which can be achieved by scraping the most relevant websites related to travel. By doing so, you’ll be able to recommend the best travel deals to your audience and ensure that no important sites or popular attractions in a given city are ever overlooked in your articles.

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