How Does Walmart Online Pickup And Delivery Work?

How Does Pickup and Delivery Work at Walmart? A Complete Guide To Walmart OPD

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Updated on 03 November 2023

Walmart online pickup and delivery is observed as a helping way for consumers facilitating them to buy groceries and other important products more conveniently.

USA-biggest retail giant, Walmart started a pick-up service for consumers in 2013 for free, enabling customers to save shopping time and directly prompt them to pick up ready-to-collect items from the chosen Walmart location.

A few years later, Walmart launched its grocery delivery service, fulfilling orders from Walmart stores and providing goods to customers’ doors.

And, today, it is now happening online, gradually known as the digital pickup and delivery service offered by Walmart.

In this blog, you will learn about Walmart online pickup and delivery services also known as Walmart OPD (and sometimes abbreviated as OPD Walmart) along with its advantages and frequently asked questions.

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What is Walmart OPD?

Walmart pickup and delivery

Walmart OPD refers to Walmart Online Pickup and Delivery as a two-phase programme that facilitates Walmart’s innovative strategy to help improve the lifestyle of customers every day.

There are two terms to understand, those are –

  1. Pick up
  2. Delivery

In the first case, when a user placed an order through and opted for Walmart online pick up, his/her items get packed by Walmart’s associates and prepped for your arrival and given to you upon your arrival at the store.

Additionally, customers have the option to either pick it up from a designated pickup spot inside the store or have it brought out to their car via curbside.

In the second case, the ordered items get delivered to the customer’s mentioned address with extra delivery charges.

Benefits of OPD Walmart:

Benefits of Walmart OPD

For consumers, digital pickup and delivery (OPD) provide various benefits. Some crucial advantages are briefly described below:

No lines at the checkout: The biggest advantage that customers get from Walmart OPD services is no waiting time for paying, the checkout process is instant as you only have to load your cart with buying items and pay for them.

Save large amounts of time: By shopping online, you could save a lot of time. With a fast instant checkout process and a reserve pickup time slot, customers are buying conveniently.

Free of cost: Walmart pick-up services are free of cost. But, if your delivery opt-service is under $35, then just pay the minimum fee of $5.99.

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How Does Walmart Online Pickup and Delivery Work?

The working methodology of Walmart pick up and delivery service works simply more than imagination.

Customers can opt for a pick up and Walmart online delivery facility from or using Walmart Grocery mobile app.

Here’s what to do to make your order for the pick up or delivery process.

1. Create an account on Walmart to begin shopping online.

2. At, click on “How do you want your items?” and select your preferred shopping style option from Shipping, Pick up, and Delivery.

Walmart website

On Walmart mobile application, login and enter ZIP code to select a nearby Walmart store. Add items to your cart and during checkout, select either “Pickup” or “Delivery” option.

Note: When you choose the “Pick up” option, the interface will ask you to reserve pickup time.

3. After this, highly trained personal shoppers will select your product and organize it in a bag with each requested item.

4. At the final stage, the customer can collect his/her item by notifying the associates that he/she arrived at the store for pickup from the online grocery pickup parking spaces marked in orange

What Is the Process for Walmart Pickup?

Walmart organized a prolific and disciplined manner for online grocery pickup facilities.

Customers can avail of digital pickup and Walmart online delivery service on more than 100000+ products including fresh produce and meat, pantry staples, and more.

A customer can opt for Walmart pickup service at a minimum purchase of $35 online or through the Walmart mobile app. Upon completing adding items to the cart, they can pick up their orders at a reserved time and place after 8:oo am and before 8:oo pm.

In the event, you submit your request for a Walmart grocery pickup order, you receive a notification on your given credentials that shows that your order has been confirmed for pickup. Additionally, you’ll also get a notification just before your reservation time is about to hit.

Visit grocery pickup parking spaces (marked in orange) where you will find two options for pickup; in-store pickup and curbside pickup to your vehicle.

Where I Can Find Walmart OPD Service At

Visit the official Walmart portal.

visit walmart website

Click on “How do you want your items?” option

click on how do you want your items option

Now, select any one shopping preferable option from ‘Shipping’, ‘Pickup’, and ‘Delivery’.

Select preferable option

Click on “Add address” to inform Walmart your location for shipping and delivery purposes.

Walmart OPD add address

At last, select the preferred store from where you want your order for pickup.

Walmart OPD choose store location

What To Do When Delayed or Canceled Pickup Orders?

Sometimes, it may happen that you won’t receive notification from Walmart about the ‘pickup is ready’ message on your email.

In delayed or canceled pickup orders constraints, be sure to:

  • Wait for the Ready for pickup notification.
  • Check Walmart’s check-in option before you leave from the store and when you arrive.

In case, when the above two actions fail and you are still experiencing a delay, call the store.

Can I Order Something Online And Pick It Up At Walmart?

Yes, this can be possible with Walmart curbside pickup is a store pickup service helpful to those shoppers who shop on or via the app. This helps people to place an order from their place and pick it up later from the store.

In case you don’t have time to pick up or order from the store. You can also send someone to retrieve your purchase from the store. Just remember to edit the pick up person in your order details in Your Account after placing the order.

Thanks for reading Walmart online pickup and delivery blog. I hope you get insightful knowledge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does pickup and delivery work at Walmart?

Here’s how pickup works - place an order online, select a store to pick up, reserve your time for pickup, and wait for a ready for Pickup email. For Walmart online delivery, add your address and wait for delivery email confirmation.

What is the difference between Walmart pickup and delivery?

In simple words, Walmart pickup service allows customers to pick up their items from the store at their preferred time (between 8:00 am to 8:00 pm) without paying any extra cost. Walmart online delivery service helps customers to get items on their doorsteps from the comfort of their couch.

Why is there a $35 minimum for Walmart pickup?

The amount $35 falls-in the affordable expenses and doesn’t sound expensive to most of the US customers. Therefore, there is a minimum value of $35 for Walmart pickup services. Additionally, less crowded stores and happier customers could also be a reason for this.

Can I Pay Cash for Walmart Grocery Pickup?

No. For Walmart Grocery Pickup services, customers cannot opt for ‘Pay in Cash’ for their pickup orders. However, this feature may Walmart bring in the future, Who knows!

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