Fifth Annual Report On Proxy Server Market By Proxyway

Fifth Annual Report on Proxy Server Market by Proxyway

by Alan Jackson — 9 months ago in Security 3 min. read

Many businesses today use proxies to unlock access to large amounts of data by changing the IP address and location. But finding a good and reliable service can get tricky because the market lacks independent coverage about the main participants in the space. To fill this gap, Proxyway released its annual report on the proxy and web scraping market.

Proxy Market Research 2023 is based on in-depth technical benchmarks, collected insights, and a survey of leading proxy providers. To this day, the report remains free to the public.

Everyday Use Cases of Proxies

Proxies are used for a variety of purposes. Here is a quick overview of the use cases:

  • Maintaining anonymity online. If you want to browse something privately and don’t want anyone on the internet to track your activities, proxies can help you out. A proxy will mask the real identity of the user by rerouting traffic through itself.
  • Accessing location-restricted content. A lot of content on the internet is location-specific. For example, some platforms limit their content to a specific region. If a person lives outside it, a proxy will change the real location of the user, this way providing access to geo-restricted information.
  • Data scraping. It refers to collecting large amounts of data from the web. But websites have safety protocols that prevent users from sending numerous requests. Such IP addresses are detected as bots and banned from the server. By changing an IP address, a user will be less likely to get blocked.
  • Monitoring Ads. It’s very important for businesses to run ads in different locations and monitor their performance. Proxies provide users with access to different locations worldwide.
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Proxyway’s Proxy Market Research Report 2023: Quick Overview

This year’s research covers 12 leading service providers. The readers will find companies like Bright Data, Oxylabs, and some emerging services like IPRoyal or Webshare. Additionally, Proxyways has expanded the scope of the research (in collaboration with the providers who answered a survey) and included a larger section on the market trends. Here are some highlights from the report:

Market Growth Trends

The market growth has seen some sharp peaks in the last year. A few companies achieved triple-digit growth among the providers in this year’s survey.

Horizontal Expansion

With the market’s growth, proxy service providers have been expanding horizontally, where the light is expected to fall on web scraping products, particularly APIs. New tools are also coming to the scene so that companies can operate at scale. The increased number of employees (in most companies who participated in the research) is another sign of this expansion.

Variety of Proxies

There are several types of proxies. While residential IPs are still the top choice of many businesses, mobile and rotating data center proxies are also being used in many operations. Two other common proxy types are dedicated datacenter and ISP proxies. Proxyway has covered all five types.

Improved Business Ethics

Due to incidents of two well-known proxy service providers being seized in the last year, the industry is leaning towards communicating more about ethical proxy sourcing and web data collection usage.

Proxy Performance Report

The most important aspect of this report is the performance of different types of proxies. Proxyway did extensive testing to measure various parameters of the proxies from 12 providers. The test results were presented with enhanced visualization so that the readers could understand which proxy service provider performed better, which has more features, and which – was less expensive.


Finding reliable information about the proxy server market is challenging. Proxyway dedicates a lot of effort to publishing a detailed annual report on the proxy server market that reflects the current state of the industry.

Anyone interested in proxies should go through the report to understand the bigger picture of the proxy market. From the day-to-day use cases of proxies to the market growth, from the all-view insights to performance comparisons, this report contains almost everything you need to know about the proxy server industry. Give it a read.

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