Proxy Servers Vs VPNs: Which Is Right For You?

Proxy Servers vs VPNs: Which Is Right For You?

by Alex Noah — 9 months ago in Security 4 min. read

If you are worried about your privacy and security while using the internet, you will either have to use proxy servers or VPNs. It improves online privacy so that no one will know your exact location as your real IP address will be hidden from outsiders.

The best way of protection from hackers and cybercriminals is by choosing the best option so that your online activity will not be shown to anyone.

Therefore, it is important that you determine the best option among proxy servers or VPN so that you can get an ideal tool that will protect your online identity.

As the internet is a huge place, you are always under risks and threats from botnets and ransomware when you are working on the computer. Your important data and information is always exposed to different types of risks and threats.

But when you have a proxy server or VPN, you will get the desired level of security that you need for complete peace of mind.

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Know What Is Proxy

A proxy is a server that works as an intermediary in between you and your website that you are accessing. It helps in hiding your IP address so that your true identity will not be revealed in the online world.

There are different types of proxies and you need to choose the right proxy according to your requirements so that you will get the best security. There are different types of proxies which include public proxy, private proxy, Backconnect proxy and socks proxy.

Know What Is VPN

VPN on the other hand is the abbreviation for Virtual Private Network that creates a secure tunnel between the host server and computer system. It prevents anyone from accessing your IP address and it will also show that you are linked to VPN when using the internet. 128-bit encryption is used for hiding all the online data and information so that no one will gain access to the important information. While hiding your real IP address, VPN also helps in encrypting your connection when you are online so that you are completely safe and secure on the internet.

Reasons to choose proxy server

When you want to browse any website anonymously then you should choose a proxy server as it will hide your IP address. Even if there are any content restrictions on any website, you can bypass it with the help of a proxy server. You will be able to access any website that has been blocked in your country and it is done by proxies that change the IP address of the website that you visit.

Proxy server is a more cost effective option as compared to VPN so you will enjoy its use without having to pay any amount. It also improves the performance of your system by caching the web pages you access regularly so that your browsing speed is enhanced.

Reasons to choose VPN

VPN is more secure as compared to proxy servers as it encrypts user data and ensures that your IP address is not revealed to anyone. No one can track your location or identity when you are using VPN and it is especially very beneficial to businesses that use the internet for the majority of their business operations. It is a flexible option as you can use VPN on different operating systems and devices for ensuring that you will derive maximum benefits from its use.

Proxy Servers Vs VPNs. Which one is better for you?

Proxy servers do not encrypt traffic while VPNs are known to encrypt traffic so that you will be protected from ISP tracking. Hence, if you have to store sensitive information about your business, you should never use a proxy server because it is not completely secure.

VPNs and proxy servers both are known to slow down your system or computer making it difficult to browse the internet. But free proxy servers can become even slower and it is less secure making it very risky to use this server for your business needs.

Majority of VPNs are free of cost but there is a limit to the amount of data you can use every day and there are restrictions on other features of VPN as well. Proxy servers are also free but there are paid proxy servers too and it is advisable to avoid free proxy servers because it exposes your important information to many kinds of risks and threats online.

If you are looking for greater privacy, you should choose VPN rather than proxy server as it offers end to end encryption. This is a more secure option that can be used by businesses for storing important information that is not compromised by cyber criminals.

When you are looking for speed during internet browsing, you should choose VPN as it is a far more attractive option that increases the speed of the internet. On the other hand, a proxy server is known to have a lesser speed since it is used by many users at the same time. Moreover, choosing a free proxy server is even slower and it is also riskier because your information will be exposed to anyone.

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Know what is right for you- VPN or Proxy Server

There might be a lot of similarity between VPN and Proxy server as both are used for offering the best security in the online world. But if you are looking for greater protection, you should choose VPN as it encrypts traffic and hence your sensitive information and browsing activity will be hidden from the outside world.

But if your company needs the employees to browse the internet anonymously then you can use the proxy server. It is an inexpensive option that also allows you to access the website that has been blocked from your country. Hence, you should use VPN for your business and there is no need to have an additional proxy server because the functions of both are same.

You can know more about Backconnect proxy so that you can choose this option for your business security in the online world.

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