Explore The Best AI Tools For A Productive And Fun 2023!

Explore The Best AI Tools For A Productive And Fun 2023!

by Micah James — 10 months ago in Artificial Intelligence 9 min. read

Accept it or not, Best AI Tools have become an integral part of not only our businesses but also our personal lives. From automating tedious tasks and speeding them up to boosting productivity and accuracy, artificial intelligence is making difficult tasks easier and faster (and sometimes less boring).

There is almost no field that AI hasn’t impacted today.

If you’re yet to try out the best of AI, you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading to learn about some useful AI tools transforming our lives in 2023.

AI Tools: Top News and Insights

With the latest releases like GPT-3 and DALL-E, AI technology continues to play a major role in the digitization of our future. It is predicted that, by 2030, up to 80% of the workforce will be using AI tools to complete their daily tasks.

AI is essentially changing the landscape of humanity across various fields at a breakneck pace.

Today, chatbots, AI platforms, deep learning software, and machine learning software make up the majority of AI technology in use. And while this technology is invisible to most, we consistently come across it when using tools like ChatGPT, Grammarly, and Deepswap. From editing our essays and finding the resources we need to generate entertaining artwork, these tools make our lives easier (and fun!).

Today, all parts of our lives intersect with AI technology in some way. And even though the general conversation around AI tools is full of skepticism, they can help improve our lives in multiple ways.

Here are some AI tools we think you’ll find quite exciting!

Top AI Tools for Your AI Life

1. AI Deepfake Tool for Entertainment

Deepfake tools have become integral to AI life, allowing you to create entertaining content using face swap technologies. Here are some we love.



Deepswap is an online face swap app that helps you generate face swaps for video, photo, and GIF content.

It’s loaded with useful features and services and can generate results in as little as 3 seconds in HD quality! You can even swap multiple faces and do gender swaps for content for as long as 10 minutes. There are no watermarks or advertisements on the refaced content either.

Deepswap is available in free and premium versions. The app also offers a 50% discount for new premium users on their yearly subscriptions.

The tool is available for any device and OS and requires no installation or storage occupation.

The best part about Deepswap is it doesn’t store data for more than 7 days.

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FaceMagic is another one of our favorites. It produces seamless and error-free face swaps for popular online videos or user-made videos. This game-changing platform can reface videos with life-like emotions and movements.

FaceMagic comes in a mobile app version and allows you to swap one or multiple faces at a time.

It has a large database of content you can choose from and contains everything from your favorite shows and movies to GIFs and more. Plus, the library is regularly updated to include the latest content.

That’s not all, you can also share the content you create on your social media or directly via text.

You can use the app for free without registering or choose their PRO package plans with features like unlimited photo uploads and no watermarks or advertising.

Reface App

Reface App

Reface is a face swap app and AI avatar generator in one. The reason we like Reface is because not only does it generate highly accurate face swaps but it also emotes them in high definition. The app also has a large library of content that updates daily.

The app is available as a free tool along with in-app purchase options. However, users will need to buy its Pro version if they want to use the AI avatar feature.

AI Voice Generator Tools for Voice Overs

AI voice generator tools help you create realistic audio content. Here are three popular voice tools that cater to different requirements.



If you want to create a unique voice that’s different from the run-of-the-mill content, Resemble.ai is the perfect AI tool for you. It offers powerful features like real-time voice cloning and text-to-speech converter. This means you can choose to feed a real human voice sample into the tool and generate voice content from it — in as less as 3 seconds!

The tool also comes with an audio marketplace where you can find and hire voice actors to generate customized voice content. What’s more, you can convert voices into various languages, add emotions, and accentuate voices as you like!

Users can access the voice generation features of Resemble.ai for a free trial and then pay as they go for the voices they build.



Murf.ai is another popular AI voice generator on the market that’s sought after for its ability to generate natural-sounding voices within a short time frame. It comes with a text-to-speech converter, online voiceovers, a voice changer, as well as a real-time voice cloning feature.

The best part about using Murf.ai, however, is that you can edit the pitch, speed, tone, and more. It is perfect for businesses, podcasters, audiobook creators, and other voice content makers.

Murf.ai is available to users in both free and paid versions.

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Lovo.ai puts some advanced AI technology behind its voice generation tool. It is the best AI voice generator tool for video and audio engineers who want to fine-tune their voice files.

It comes with a large library of voices in 100 languages and can generate audio with 25+ emotions and accents.

You can access the tools in three paid plans or try their mid-tier plan with a free 14-day trial.

AI Drawing Tools for Art Generation

AI is blurring the definition of what it means to create art. With AI art tools that generate images, portraits, and artworks based on text suggestions alone, the boundaries of creativity are stretched to new horizons.

Here are three easy-to-use tools that produce quick results.



Soulgen is one of the best free AI tools on this list. It is an AI-driven portrait generator that generates the image of anyone’s ideal soulmate based on text and tag input. It is powered by AI art-generating technology, deep learning algorithms, and neural networks that continuously study massive image datasets to generate highly accurate images.

The tool can even generate the image in anime or real-life style.

The only drawback is that the tool isn’t available as a mobile application.

Generating images on the website is free, but high-def images and download options are only available with paid plans. Soulgen is also offering a 70% discount for first-time subscribers if you want to test the app before committing.



Picso is the best AI drawing tool for bringing your vivid imagination to life. It works with text-based inputs from users and transforms these words into images. Results are ready within seconds and in a wide variety of art styles from Picasso to Ghibli Studio.

The tool is available as web-based software as well as a mobile app. You can also get watermark-free artwork and use them for commercial purposes. However, these two features are only available via the paid pricing plans.

There’s also a free version that requires you to watch ads to earn a limited number of credits.



Midjourney is one of the most advanced AI tools for image generation. It helps you create unique images by entering text into an interactive bot. Their bot technology first searches for images that fit your description and then generates images you’ve never seen before.

A unique feature of Midjourney is that everything users create is public for everyone else to see.

Users can access this AI design tool through a browser or via a mobile app. The first 25 images you generate are free and can be used however you like, so long as you credit Midjourney and don’t make money from them.

The app also offers a paid plan through which you can generate more images and use your art as you like. However, it’s worth noting the platform doesn’t give users exclusive rights over their artwork.

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AI Chatting Tools for Communication

AI tools such as ChatGPT can also help improve communications by generating consistent and reliable responses for a wide variety of contexts. Here are some examples of AI tools like ChatGPT:



Chatsonic is one of the best AI tools 2023 offers. It generates responses using real-time data and can analyze text, image, or voice-based input. You can use the tool to find relevant topics for your project or generate stories/images.

What sets this tool apart is its human-like chat experience and the option to customize the persona of the bot. You also get the option to save, edit, and share your chats. The program remembers it all, so you can come back and continue from where you’d left off.

It is available as a mobile and web application on a free-trial basis and paid pricing plans.



Replika is less of a chatting tool and more of an AI companion tool. It can converse more realistically on topics like philosophy, life, relationships, etc., simulating human conversations like none other.

Users can interact with Replika in multiple ways and also assign it roles like mentor, girlfriend, sister, etc.

Replika is available in free and paid versions.



An AI-powered dialogue system, LaMDA generates context-aware and coherent responses that sound very natural. Its best feature is its ability to reply to follow-up questions and understand and participate in complex inquiries and discussions spanning a wide range of subjects.

The app is available for download on iOS and Android, but you’ll need to register yourself and join the waitlist.

AI Writing Tools for Content Creation

AI writing tools are helpful not only for content creators and marketing teams but also for daily communications purposes. Here are three that cover most writing requirements.



Jasper is a copywriting assistance tool that also works as an AI paraphrasing tool. Its main offerings are its long-form content writing assistant and its large offering of templates.

Jasper helps users write better with sentence suggestions. It also integrates with Copyscape to enable plagiarism checks on a single platform.

Users can access it for a 7-day trial or via its paid plans for individual creators, small marketing teams, and large businesses.

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Are you a content creator in marketing or eCommerce? Copysmith is a must-have AI writing tool on your home screen!

The tool undertakes a variety of writing-related tasks such as ideation, on-page SEO, content distribution, and full content generation. Copysmith also enables multiple integrations across different platforms like Google Ads, Google Docs, and Frase, ensuring seamless content creation.

We also like how the tool supports content creation teams with features like in-app collaboration and workflow management.
The tool is available in three pricing plans for individuals, teams, and organizations with a 7-day free trial for all plans.



Grammarly is perhaps one of the most popular AI writing tools on this entire list, thanks to the wide range of content creation that it supports. These include everything from your emails to your social media.

Grammarly takes care of diverse writing-related tasks, such as checking spelling, grammar, punctuation, writing style, and much more.

It’s available in a free version and a paid subscription plan.

List of All-In-One AI Tools Website Directories

Is keeping track of the variety of AI tools proving to be a challenge for you? Try using these directories that help you access all AI tools on one website.

  • Future Tools
  • Futurepedia
  • AI Tools Directory
  • Textify
  • AI Directory
  • ToolsAI.net
  • Insidr.ai


Whether you want to create your version of a trending meme or generate unique portraits for your characters, use beta Character AI to create character of people and have fun. And the best part is you don’t need to have extensive knowledge of these tools or AI tech to use their services! The ease of use and availability make AI tools the most useful products on the market today.

With this list of the best AI tools, we hope you’ve found some new ways to add more productivity and bring ease to your professional and personal life!

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