How AI Is Changing Video Editing?

How AI is Changing Video Editing?

by Alex Noah — 3 years ago in Artificial Intelligence < 1 min. read

Artificial Intelligence is changing video editing dynamics

Artificial intelligence has changed many aspects of our lives.

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One example is video editing software. AI technology can be used to replace or engage workers when it comes to simple applications such as video editing software.

AI technology will learn from its mistakes and make better decisions than any human. This may be frightening for those who depend on their video editing jobs, but there are many ways that humans can assist in management that cannot yet be managed by algorithms.

What is AI Video Editing?

AI video editing allows novices to be more familiar with the most popular video editing software.

It promises to fix all your problems and give you immediate pleasure, without you needing to worry about music or other tools. You won’t have to worry about uploading or exporting files to the internet ever again.
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AI Video Editing

Although most people don’t know it, AI algorithms are responsible for many of the most stunning YouTube videos. Alphabet’s AI-focused Jigsaw team created a unique piece of software that automatically modifies YouTube videos to make them more understandable for people from different areas.

It gathers information about the people who might be watching the movie, and what portions they may not understand. The program can also rearrange the visual content to provide more context for those who do not speak the same language as the original speaker or people from other cultures.
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Benefits of Using AI in Video Editing

  • AI can help you determine the best angles, shots, or edits.
  • You can also use it to apply transitions and filters to your movies.
  • You don’t have to be able to edit video to use AI’s editing tools.
  • AI editing is better than human editing because it organizes your footage automatically.
  • AI could learn from your videos, and adjust based on what it has seen.
  • Video editing becomes faster and more efficient with AI.
  • You’ll be able edit more film in a shorter time.
  • It is easy to use and will do most of the work for your.
  • AI can make a video more engaging by suggesting changes that the user might not have thought of.
  • Automated colour correction and scene identification result in a better visual experience.
  • Films that detect faces help to create targeted messages.
  • AI can edit videos faster than humans.
  • Artificial intelligence may speed up video editing.
  • Editing a video clip can make it more interesting and engaging. AI is cheaper than hiring an editor so you can save money in the long-term.
  • AI can help you locate the best video clips and photos for your film.

Automatically Curating Video Footage

IBM used its Watson supercomputer to create a trailer for Morgan in 2016, a horror-thriller. This was one of the first applications of AI in video editing.

Watson used machine learning to assess trailers and then used the information it had learned to curate the sequences it felt would make a good trailer.

This presentation showed the potential impact of AI on video content curation. An average human editor would spend many hours watching and curating video content. However, an AI may take less time, depending on the characteristics of the material. The AI-curated clips may allow the human editor to concentrate on the creation of the final film.

AI has been used to aid in video curation since then. It may even be able to work completely on its own in certain cases, such as Google Clips. In this instance, the AI selects short, interesting clips and learns from the user’s reactions to each clip.
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More Intelligent and Automated Tools

AI may be able to automate video curation, but that’s not the only area of editing that could benefit. There are many other tools that could also benefit from AI.

AI is able to ‘interpret film’ and can be used in nearly every type of editing tool: color calibration, object elimination, visual effects or picture stabilization. These technologies are based on sophisticated algorithms that evaluate films. AI may eventually replace them.

Many platforms, such as Adobe’s Sensei, have already begun to offer AI-assisted editing capabilities. Others editors are also starting to develop their own AI solutions.

It is expected that in the near future, more intelligent video editing tools will be available. These tools will use AI to understand and make recommendations for video editing. With these tools, video editing will be much easier for beginners. Expert users will be able reduce their efforts significantly by having AI do most of the heavy lifting.

The Future of Fully Automated Video Editors

You may have noticed that while AI is revolutionizing video editor, it is only doing so as a tool to assist and support human editors. Automated video editing doesn’t consider your preferences or the topic of your videos, while a video editor service trims material according to your requirements. While AI might be capable of fully automated video editing, this is not the case.

AI is a useful tool that can simplify editing video and reduce the time required to do so. It’s difficult to predict the future of AI and machine learning, as they are still very much in their early stages.
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Artificial intelligence is changing the video editing industry. Now is the time for companies to capitalize on this opportunity. Hollywood has used AI-driven technology for decades in its films. This invention is available to any business who wants to create compelling films with stunning images. What do you think about artificial intelligence? Please leave a comment below.

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