Top 4 Tech Companies Working On Augmented Intelligence

Top 4 Tech Companies Working on Augmented Intelligence

by Alex Noah — 2 years ago in Artificial Intelligence 2 min. read

Find the best tech companies that work with augmented intelligence

In recent years, artificial intelligence has been dominating the global tech marketplace. Artificial intelligence, or intelligence amplification, is a cutting-edge type of technology that has made it a major part of tech companies’ business models.

Augmented intelligence combines machine learning with predictive analytics to improve human intelligence quickly and effectively.

Multiple augmented intelligence companies have been created to provide smart functions through the introduction of intelligence amplification.

The global augmented intelligence market is expected to reach US$121.5 million by 2030, with a 26.4% compound annual growth rate. Let’s look at some of the companies that use artificial intelligence to improve human intelligence.

Top 4 tech companies that work on augmented intelligence


Google is one the most prominent tech companies that are determined to make augmented intelligence more tech-driven.

Google is a high-tech company focusing on artificial intelligence. They have established some principles for augmented intelligence. Users should be able to interact with a computer using voice, gestures, and vision.

Augmented intelligence should be available at all times and be adaptable to changing circumstances. Google Street View, Google Maps, AutoML, and many other use cases are some of the most popular examples of connected augmented Intelligence.
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Amazon Augmented AI, also known as Amazon A2I, is a well-known augmented intelligence company. It allows for human review of machine learning predictions, which can be used to verify accuracy and protect sensitive data.

Augmented intelligence can be used to provide insights, opportunities, and retrain models with the most current predictions.

Amazon A2I has a reputation for providing human reviews to all developers. It also removes undifferentiated heavy lifting regardless of whether it runs on AWS.

Amazon has successfully implemented artificial intelligence in healthcare, finance, business and other areas. Combining artificial intelligence and augmented intelligence is possible with Amazon Rekognition.
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IBM is a top tech company that works on artificial intelligence. It is aiming to improve people’s lives and bring hope through augmented intelligence.

To work with augmented intelligence, IBM follows three principles: purpose, transparency, and skill. IBM, a tech company is focused on improving the healthcare service through AI, including genomics, oncology, and government sector.

IBM stated that its focus is on AI and other artificial Intelligence Systems to enhance human capabilities and increase productivity.

IBM has also been observing the functionalities and impact of augmented intelligence on business, such as client experience, engagement, advisory services and risk and compliance.
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Microsoft is a top tech company that works with augmented Intelligence. Microsoft used cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence in different ways.

They also provided a trusted cloud platform, tools, and services that allowed them to implement augmented Intelligence in a business environment.

This tech company provides both enterprise-grade solutions and industry knowledge to help you achieve a digital transformation with AI.

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