Common Mistakes When Choosing Fonts For A Social Media Post

Common Mistakes when Choosing Fonts for A Social Media Post

by Alan Jackson — 2 years ago in Business Ideas 4 min. read

Although picking a font can be difficult, it’s an important part of any good design. Typography is one of the most misunderstood elements of graphic design—even by professional designers. If done well, typography will not go unnoticed. Check out Creative Fabrica for awesome free fonts!

So, let’s take a look at 9 common mistakes when choosing fonts for social media posts.

9 common Mistakes when Choosing Fonts

1. Using Too Many Fonts On One Poster or Banner

It’s true that having too many fonts on your print is distracting, but the same rule applies to social media posts as well. As you can see, the design looks cluttered and unpleasant.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different fonts, but make sure it doesn’t look too clumsy. Like any other part of your social media content, one single font is enough for a nice post. If you want to combine more types of fonts, simply choose 2-3.

2. Using Too Many Different Typefaces on the Same Post

The right types of fonts can create an impactful design quickly, but keep in mind that too many different font faces will only cause chaos.

The posts will look ugly and unprofessional due to the poor choice of fonts, such as script fonts on serious posts. You should never use more than 2-3 different types of fonts on one poster.
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3. Using Hard-to-Read Fonts

Of course, you can’t predict if your social media post will be viewed on a small screen or not—but it’s better to be safe than sorry! Pixelated alphabet fonts are terrible for any type of design, so try to avoid them at all costs.

4. Using ‘Fancy’ Fonts Without Context

Fonts Without Context

Although not everyone agrees with it, choosing a font that is “appropriate” for your social media posts can be difficult. Some people really like to experiment with different fonts—but if you are unsure about what to use, try sticking to ones that are clean and clear.

As you can see, the post looks much better when you use straightforward text fonts. This style is usually preferred for social media posts mainly because it’s easier to read—and that’s exactly what you want!
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5. Using The Wrong Fonts For Your Design

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule—but in general, using the wrong fonts for your design can be confusing.

The tricky part here is that there are no simple rules when it comes to typography, but you can usually go wrong if you choose a font that doesn’t fit the overall style of your social media post.

There’s no such thing as an absolute truth in design—but there are certain guidelines that you should follow when choosing your social media font. As you can see, it’s wrong to use older style fonts on modern prints—it simply doesn’t work!

6. Using Small Fonts On Your Post

Font size is crucial in any type of design. Usually, you want to use larger fonts on your social media posts “especially if it will be viewed on a mobile device”. Since the world is getting more and more obsessed with smartphones, there’s simply no excuse for neglecting font size.
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7. Using Fonts That Are Too Complicated

When sometimes browsing through social media, you might notice that people use fonts that are too complicated or simply “diseased”.

Sick-looking fonts are extremely difficult to read, not to mention the fact that it looks like they’ve been created in five minutes! Complexity doesn’t always work when it comes to typography. If the font is too complicated and hard to read, think about changing it!

8. Using Serif Fonts in Social Media Posts

In general, using a serif font for social media posts is one of the biggest design mistakes you can make. Unless you are creating a poster, you might want to avoid serif fonts—and use sans-serif fonts instead.

As you can see, the post looks much better without any additional elements. This is true especially if you will be using it on a small screen!
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9. Using Hard-to-Read Fonts

Although you could argue that all of the previous mistakes are “typos”, they can still make or break your design. It’s important to remember that every single letter matters—especially if the font looks too complicated.

So, avoid using hard-to-read fonts by following our simple guidelines! Like any other element in your social media post, a font should serve a purpose.

It’s All About The Context

In the end, it all comes down to context—one wrong or one right choice can radically change your social media post! In general, it’s safe to say that you should always choose fonts that are simple and straightforward. “Fancy” fonts aren’t really necessary if your print is going to be viewed on a mobile device.

The post should look good regardless of the device that’s being used. Avoid using sick-looking fonts since it can make your social media activity more difficult for users! In conclusion, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to typography—just do what makes you feel comfortable and happy!
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In Conclusion

At the end of the day, your social media posts are all about presenting your business in the best possible way.

Typography is an important part of any print design—but it can be even more crucial if you are creating a social media post. Avoid these mistakes to create impressive designs for your social media platforms!

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