Essential Technology For New Teachers

Essential Technology for new Teachers

by Salvatore Presti — 3 years ago in Business Ideas 3 min. read

Becoming a teacher is an extreme journey, full of ups and downs. Finding and starting your first role as a teacher of your very own class can be somewhat daunting, and your brain will no doubt focus on way too many areas.

Fear not when it comes to technology that is essential for any new teacher to succeed, for if you continue reading, you will find out precisely what you ought to invest a little money into in order to make your life easier and your classroom more organized.


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Also known as a document camera, a visualizer can transform the way in which your students receive feedback as a whole class.

Meandering through the desks of students, the moment when you discover a piece of work that meets the success criteria 100% is one which will have you jumping for joy.

Instead of asking the creator to simply read it aloud, which could result in people switching off or not fully comprehending the extent to which the work fits the brief, use the visualizer.

Grab the paper, put it underneath the camera, and project it onto the screen. You can point out key features using your finger or pen; you can even mark it there and then. It is a fantastic way to present a student’s piece of work visually.

Once your students get used to this way of assessing, they could even progress to peer reviewing in this manner.
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One rule for all teachers is: never trust the school printer or photocopier. On the morning of an important lesson observation, you rely on the school machine, and you are almost guaranteed to have issues with it.

Save yourself the blind panic and, wherever possible, print your own copies of worksheets or writing frames. Despite the tendency to go for a color model, black and white printers are actually a much better option.

If you need something bright, simply print onto colored paper or cardstock instead. This will save you money when it comes to replacing the ink. Read reviews carefully and ensure you know exactly what you are splashing out on.

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Have you ever been working with someone at the back of the classroom, having set students a task on the board when you realize it would be beneficial to add something to the document?

Carrying a wireless keyboard and mouse around with you can make this a much easier process. The ability to work on a document or presentation from afar is handy.

Opening a web page or some form of education technology could be useful too at times, and having this tech with you would make it so simple.
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Label Printer

Pinterest classrooms and teachers are just too perfect to ever be reality, right? Wrong. With a good-quality label printer, you can organize everything to look pristine.

From books to files, storage to stationery, printing off labels that look good could be a game-changer for you and your classroom. Using a versatile printer, you can choose from a variety of sizes and colors.

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