Advantages Of Automation Testing In Software Development

Advantages of Automation Testing in Software Development

by Alan Jackson — 2 years ago in Development 3 min. read

The testing phase is critical in the process of developing apps or software. Testing mostly seeks to check the software’s quality, durability, and reliability. The teams responsible for testing seek to detect errors. These errors can be rectified before the start of the production phase.

Even though they are professionals, there is always a possibility of missing some errors. Manual testing can be unreliable, and it is no surprise that many companies have now embraced automation testing.

Automation improves quality and efficiency. It results in higher returns on investment. Here are a few advantages of automation testing in software development.

1. Improved Accuracy

Test automation increases your chances of getting error-free releases. Because of the minimal human intervention, there is no room for bias or human error.

A human tester will make mistakes regardless of how experienced they may be. However, the results of a machine will always be accurate. The risk of failure is almost non-existent.

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2. A Shorter Testing Period

You can perform automated tests as frequently as you like. There are no time limits, so you can work as fast as you wish. With human testers, you have limitations. No one can work efficiently 24/7. Automated tests depend on programmed scenarios to monitor one or a few features.

3. Cost Saving

Automated testing may seem costly at first. However, it saves you more time than manual testing. You can run repetitive tests at no extra cost. Take advantage of free testing automation tools to get results without stretching your budget.

With manual testing, you cannot run repetitive tests. In fact, testing costs increase with time. Automated testing gets cheaper in the long run. When you create test scripts, you can keep reusing them 24/7 at no extra cost.

Even though initial adoption may be expensive, it eventually pays off. The ROI from automated testing depends on the level of adoption. The more cases you can generate and use, the higher your ROI.

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4. High App Performance and Quality

Because of the extent of test coverage, automated testing results in better app quality and performance. You can run hundreds of automated cases at the same time. This means that you get to test an app against various platforms. You can test multiple devices simultaneously.

Cloud-based device farms can help you get the most from your test concurrency and parallelism. You can use them to cover all variants of hardware and OS configurations.

Automated testing creates various test cases fast. This includes lengthy and complex cases. This is impossible with manual apps and software testing.

5. Higher Productivity

Automated tests run without the need for human intervention. You can test your software overnight and harvest results the next day. Since automated tests can run independently multiple times, developers don’t need to spend a lot of time testing. You can focus on the core tasks of your business instead.

6. Instant Feedback

This is another critical benefit of automated testing. When there is a failure on the testing report, you can deal with it immediately. You don’t need to waste days or weeks trying to interpret code.

Immediate feedback comes in handy when an app hits the market. Manual testing makes it difficult to fix bugs quickly. Updates are also pretty slow. Automated testing promotes better user experience, customer satisfaction, and team responsiveness.

Testing is a critical part of software and app development. It is prudent to make the testing stage part of your development cycle.

Automation testing maybe your best option. It yields accurate results, saves time, and improves productivity. With the wide variety of free testing automation tools, you can reap the results without investing your money.

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