10 Best Virtual Assistant Fundings Are Complete Hits In 2021

10 Best Virtual Assistant Fundings are Complete hits in 2021

by Alex Noah — 2 years ago in Artificial Intelligence 3 min. read

Virtual assistants are independent contractors who provide administrative services for clients outside their office.

Virtual assistants work remotely from their home offices but have access to the required planning documents such as shared calendars.

10 Best Virtual Assistant Fundings are Complete hits in 2021


MFine, a digital healthcare startup, has raised US$48 Million in Series C funding. It was co-led jointly by Moore Strategic Ventures, BEENEXT and SBI Group Japan. Other investors include Stellaris Venture Partners and SBI Ven Capital Singapore.

Heritas Capital and Prime Venture Partners. Alteria Capital also participated. The startup plans to create one of the most advanced virtual hospitals in the world, and use mobile technology and AI to make high-quality healthcare more accessible.

MFine now enables clinical decision support for doctors by using AI. It also brings vitals monitoring to the smartphones of consumers and manages health.
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Today, Kore.ai, a leading conversational AI software company announced that it raised $50 million in Series C funding. This was led by Vistara Growth, PNC and Beedie Capital. Sterling National Bank provided an additional $20 million credit facility, bringing the total funding to US$70 millions.

The Series C round also saw the addition of Randy Garg, Vistara Growth’s Managing Partner, and Daniel Pavlick (Executive Vice President, PNC), to Kore.ai’s Board of Directors.

Kore.ai intends to use a substantial amount of the funds for scaling efforts to become the undisputed leader and innovator in Experience Optimization (XO), optimizing the customer, agent and employee experience through AI-native platforms.

SmartAssist is the first AI-native, end-to-end Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS), solution in the world. BankAssist is an omnichannel conversational virtual assistant that automates common retail banking customer requirements to deliver elevated customer experiences.
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Leena AI

Over 5 rounds, Leena AI raised US$40M. The company’s latest funding came from a Series A round on Sep 28, 2021.

Leena AI, an autonomous conversational AI-backed platform, helps enterprises improve employee experience. It is flexible, powerful, and tailored to the specific needs of every enterprise. Leena AI allows companies to eliminate the need for human resources.

It can handle tasks such as knowledge management, policy questions, knowledge generation, creating documents on request, and ticket management so employees can concentrate on higher-value activities.

Leena AI works well with more than 20 platforms, such as SAP SuccessFactors and ADP, Oracle, Workday and Microsoft Office 365. It has been trusted by over 1M employees at companies such as Nestle, Puma and AirAsia.

It can handle all aspects of employee experience throughout the employee lifecycle. The platform is designed to streamline HR workflows for organizations. It can automate FAQs and engage employees.

Hi Platform

Hi Platform has raised US$6.4M in total funding over two rounds. The company’s latest round of funding came from a Venture Series Unknown round on September 30, 2021. Hi Platform is a platform that helps companies build stronger relationships with customers.

The platform brings business intelligence to the media. It allows instant and unlimited access for all social media conversations. The company was established in 2017, and is located in Sao Paulo in Brazil.
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Aisera is an AI startup in Palo Alto California that offers virtual assistants and customer support solutions to businesses.

It has received $40 million from investors in its series C financing. The company already has 65 million registered users and has signed up numerous business users like 8×8, Autodesk, McAfee, Zoom, and McAfee (an Anti-Virus Business).


Wishup, a Delhi-based company that offers chat-based task-management services, has raised an undisclosed amount through a pre-Series-A funding round led By Inflection Point Ventures.

Neelesh Rangewani, cofounder of Wishup, stated in a statement that the company will use the capital to build technology teams, market development and marketing.

Wishup connects businesses with virtual assistants who provide a variety of services, including lead management, customer support and secondary research. The company is open to self-employed professionals as well as small and medium business owners and startups.
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Superhero Capital has led a $1 million round of funding for Helsinki-based startup Attractive.ai. Attractive.ai’s Poe virtual assistant analyses and compiles reports about websites and other digital creations.

It simulates a human user, and offers advice and corrections to improve the user experience. Attractive.ai claims that its goal is “ride the world of poor websites.”

The company created a virtual assistant called Poe. Poe is based on large amounts of data about website design and user experience.

This data is used by the AI to analyze every aspect of a website’s visit or use of digital tools, as if it were a person. After gathering the data, the AI creates an AI report that outlines any issues found and takes screenshots where appropriate.


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