How To Increase Download Speed

Proven Ways to Boost Download Speed

by Jeff Max — 4 years ago in Development 4 min. read

A sluggish download speed that takes it forever to get you the desired file is nothing less than a frustration. Thankfully, there are ways to speed up your device’s download speed. In today’s blog, I will share some proven ways to increase download speed.

This blog addresses everything from general fixes to optimizing network and Ethernet. So, without further ado, let’s quickly explore the best ways to speed up your downloading.

Make sure to first conduct a speed test to determine whether your internet connection is working as it should be. To perform your speed test, you can visit

Now, let’s find out different ways to Boost Download Speed:

  1. Disconnect unnecessary devices 

This seems obvious but many times we forget to disconnect additional devices from the internet connection. When you connect various devices to the internet connection, it ultimately slows down your network which results in slow downloading. Therefore, always disconnect additional laptops, mobiles, or gaming consoles to Boost Download Speed.
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  1. Disable streaming apps 

Streaming apps like Netflix and YouTube impacts your downloading speed. It is suggested to disable these apps to experience a drastic increase in your downloading speed. Also, try to disable other additional apps that are running in your device’s background for no reason.

  1. Run a virus scan 

It is crucial to run a virus scan on your device to check if any virus resides in your system. Viruses may harm your system’s resources and badly affect your downloading speed.  Therefore, you must run a virus scan to remove it and boost your system’s downloading performance.

Keep in mind that you must always go for the trusted antivirus programs otherwise such programs may interfere with your system. It will not only slow down your internet speed but also expose you to malware threats.

  1. Get close to the router 

In case, if you own a Wi-Fi network that is experiencing a poor wireless connection then you should immediately get closer to your router device.

This trick helps to receive stronger signals and also significantly boost download speed. You can also turn off your router and unplug your modem, wait for a second and then re-connect everything for better connection speed.

  1. Use Ethernet to connect your computer with the router 

Another good way to increase your internet speed is to connect your computer to the router via Ethernet cable. If you noticed that your speed is now getting better it means that your wireless router is not performing well or there may be signal issues.

Moreover, if speed still remains the same then make sure to keep a check on your system and router; try to get an advanced or new router.
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  1. Connect to a VPN 

Sometimes, your ISP imposes bandwidth caps that ultimately decrease your download speed. It happens when you particularly use the internet for specific activities e.g. streaming Netflix. Connecting a VPN on router will encrypt your connection and your ISP will no longer be able to spy on you. Hence, there will be no bandwidth throttling or slower downloads.

  1. Update modem’s software 

Whichever brand of modem you’re using, it uses a software. You can log in to your modem by following the brand procedure, tweak settings, and frequently update its software to avoid speed or connection problems. It is also considered to update your windows version and operating system to boost the overall network speed.

  1. Don’t use a too long Ethernet cable 

Sometimes you experience poor connection because of your Ethernet cable. Ethernet cable is a good source to connect your system to the router, but don’t buy any cable that is too long, neither too short.

You can get a moderate length and always buy from a trusted, high-quality brand.

  1. Clear browser cache 

Browser’s broken cache slows the downloading process therefore; you should clear it to avoid poor internet speed. To clear cache in Google Chrome, you can follow the instructions below:

  • Open Chrome browser and click on the top right dot menu
  • Select more tools and tap Clear browser cache.

Note: Before tapping the “clear data” button, check cache data including browsing history, cookies, cached files and images, and other site data.

You can also install any browser clean application to automatically clear your browser cache. It drastically improves internet speed or boost download speed and you can enjoy faster downloads.

  • Resetting DNS server 

DNS helps your system to understand a web address. It translates web addresses into an IP address. Resetting your DNS sever can help you increase download speed. Here’s how to reset your DNS server:

  • Move to internet access icon and right-click then select Open Network and Internet Settings option
  • For wired connection, tap Ethernet or click Wi-Fi for wireless connection
  • Click at “Change adopter options
  • Click-right on Ethernet or Wi-Fi to select properties
  • Now, click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)and tap Properties
  • Pick the option “Use the following DNS server addresses”.
  • Now, enter preferred and alternate DNS addresses and click ok
  • Restart your system, and check your connection speed.
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  1. Upgrade your internet plan 

If doing if everything doesn’t seem alright to you then, you should consider contacting your ISP to upgrade your plan. Sometimes, your internet plan is not enough to manage heavy downloads therefore; you are required to pay more for the additional MBs to enjoy faster internet connection.


There we have it! These were some of the best ways to quickly pump up your downloading speed. In case, if I have missed something or you have other tricks then don’t forget to share your ideas for faster downloads.

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