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How to Restore PS5 Licenses Not Working on Consoles?

by Evelyn Addison — 4 weeks ago in Entertainment 4 min. read

When trying to fix problems like games not starting up, games having a padlock on them, or crashes. Knowing how to restore PS5 licenses not working is very helpful. Fortunately, there’s a simple fix for these problems. Here’s how to do it on a PlayStation 5 and what happens when licenses are restored.

You might need to restore the licenses on your console. If your PS5 games have a padlock icon next to them or if you are experiencing problems accessing your downloadable content. Even though the procedure is simple, if you don’t know exactly what’s involved, it can be scary. This guide will help you restore licenses on your PS5 console if necessary.

What Does Restoring Licenses on My PS5 Do?

On your PS5, restoring licenses is a procedure meant to assist in resolving any problems. You might be having with playing games or viewing content you’ve paid for.

There are times when the data kept on the game servers differs from the data in your game library. This data is synchronized upon license restoration, allowing you to resume playing your games.

These disparities can be caused by a multitude of factors. These problems comprise issues with the PlayStation Network and errors with license verification. They involve difficulties transferring games between consoles and even modifications to account details. For instance, changing your PSN name may cause this problem.

On your PS5, restoring licenses doesn’t interfere with or change your data in any way. You can use this easy and secure method if you’re experiencing problems getting to your games and content.

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When Should I Restore Licenses on My PS5?

When you see a padlock icon next to your game title when your PS5 is having problems starting or playing games. When you receive error messages telling you that your purchased content is not yours, it is time to restore the licenses.

Restoring your PS5 licenses is something you should think about doing to solve DLC problems, like losing track of downloaded content. After moving to a new PlayStation system, restoring licenses can help ensure all your data is current.

How to Restore Licenses on a PS5

You can easily restore your licenses in a matter of minutes if you’re experiencing difficulties accessing certain of your games. Users on PS5 need to do the following to restore licenses.

  • Locate and select the PS5 Settings menu.
  • After selecting “Users and Accounts,” select “Other.”
  • Next, you can select “Restore Licenses.”

It will take some time once the process of restoring licenses has started. It may take several minutes to restore licenses, particularly if your library contains a large number of games.

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What to Do if Restoring Licenses on a PS5 Doesn’t Work

The PlayStation Network may occasionally experience problems or outages that prevent the license restoration procedure from functioning. In that scenario, try the procedure once more after a short while, once the network has been restored.

You may need to try different troubleshooting techniques if you have successfully restored your licenses but are still unable to access your games.

It may not be able to detect that you have access to the game you are trying to play if you are trying to access your games on a secondary console. If so, turning on game sharing on your PS5 might be able to assist you with your issues.

The same steps as before must be followed to access the Restore Licenses section. Here, choose Console Sharing and Offline Play. To enable Game Sharing, select Allow. You should be able to play the content again and have access to your secondary console syncing with your primary console’s data as a result.

Though it might seem scary, restoring your PS5’s licenses is safe and won’t have any detrimental effects on any of the data on the system.

The procedure is only intended to synchronize the information on your console with the information on the PlayStation Network, allowing you to get back in and continue playing the games to which you are legitimately entitled.

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One easy way to fix problems with digital content and game access on your PS5 is to restore your licenses. Most issues can be resolved fast if you follow the instructions and make sure your internet connection is stable. Even then, in case problems continue, please do not hesitate to contact PlayStation support for more advice and help customized to your particular circumstance.


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