Tips To Become A Better COD Warzone Player

Tips to Become a Better COD Warzone Player

by Rifat Khan — 2 years ago in Entertainment 3 min. read

Warzone has been the favorite of action game lovers since its launch. However, even though the game has lasted for some years, a new player will still struggle to master it at the beginning.

So, if you’re not getting the results you want or playing seems too difficult, the information below will help you.

We will share some of the pro tips from experts in this game to help improve your style and performance. Also, consider investing in COD Warzone Hacks & Cheats to shorten the learning curve. That way, the battle will be easier for you to join, last a bit longer and even win sometimes.

So, keep reading to learn more.

Warzone Tips from Pro Players

1. Learn from the Professionals

One of the simplest ways of doing something better is through learning from those who know it well. So, if you’re vying for high-level performance in Warzone, search for the professionals and watch them. Thankfully, you can find these gurus on YouTube as many of them share their gaming activities online.

Watch how they play, listen to their tips and strategies. Then employ the same in your games and see the difference. Doing this continuously will improve your performance dramatically.
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2. Study the available weapons in Warzone

Every battle requires weapons, and you’re as good as your tools. That means you must understand the weapons you’ll take into the battleground.

Warzone has a lot to offer, and these weapons are unique in both recoil and spray patterns.  Take your time to study them and even test them out to ensure a good choice. Once you can use a gun very well by controlling it to your advantage, your performance will improve faster.

3. Always target the right positions

It should start from the landing spot. First, decide whether to land hot or cold. Hot landing means targeting those spots where more loots and more enemies are to fight fiercely.

Cold landing means far from the hotheads and maybe some good loots as well. So, decide where to land and the spot on the map to occupy and fight from. When you get your positioning very well, it will give you a competitive edge over enemies. For instance, pro players always recommend the high grounds for better kills. So, think about that as well.
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4. Make good cash fast

There are many things to do with the money in Warzone. And most of them will improve your performance a lot. For instance, you will need money to buy your loadout drop. Also, your teammates who lose in the Gulag will need to be repurchased with cash.

Cash also equips you with the best items, such as KillStreaks, for better fights. When you combine all the things to do with cash, they’ll translate to more wins for your team.

Getting cash in Warzone comes through looting on the map. Also, when you complete the amazing contracts which every player knows, you’ll make money. The most interesting one is to loot other players who died on the map and grab their cash too. So, get to work and

5. Learn the Mounting Skill

Weapon mounting will change things to favor you in Warzone. This practice involves finding a flat surface and mounting your gun there for steady shots.

It helps you to avoid the terrible recoil of some guns. As you fire the bullets, your character won’t stumble from the kicks. According to some professionals, mounting can lower the recoil of some guns by 90%.

Another reason to consider mounting is that you can capture and hold a position without losing. If you mount and pre-aim a certain spot, many enemies will fall under your bullets.

But be mindful of those snipers as they can shoot your head off for being stationary. Also, not all the weapons support mounting. So, do your research well.
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6. Learn to control your noise

One of the ways to be a better player is to mind the noise you make in Warzone. If you constantly give up your position by running or sprinting unnecessarily, you’ll compromise your team. So, learn to minimize the noise and use other movement alternatives such as walking or crouching when necessary.

7. Be a good team player

If you’re a beginner, chances are you’re playing with others. Warzone supports quads, duos or trios. But what you do as a team member can useless the efforts of the others.

So, when you have others with you, communicate and plan together. Don’t wander off or face fights alone. Use good comms and the right attitude to talk with one another all the time.
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Improving in Warzone requires some sacrifices on your part. The first one is to watch professionals play the game many times.

Then adopt what you learn and improve. Then discover the weapons and strategize your positioning. Also, make sure you make less noise and avoid selfishness when playing with others.

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