Changing Careers During Covid: How To Get Started In Tech

Changing Careers during Covid: How to get started in Tech

by Ed Smith — 2 years ago in Future 2 min. read

Are you considering a career switch to something more forward-thinking? With many people reassessing what’s important to them during the pandemic, three in five workers intend to make career changes ranging from gaining qualifications to switching professions. If you’re in the latter camp, the tech sector offers a wealth of opportunities.

So what is there to like about working in tech? Firstly, tech jobs promote innovation by their very nature. Whether acting in the public interest or developing business tools, switching careers could be a great way to unlock your creativity and learn new skills.

Secondly, the tech sector is booming both in terms of recruitment and salaries. Society’s digital transformation has increased job opportunities and improved how professionals are rewarded as a result.

Thirdly, many tech companies emphasize culture and offer great perks to attract the best talent. These include the ability to work almost anywhere you wish, as well as flexible work hours and strong health benefits.

So how can you work your way into the tech world with no prior experience?

Try it out

If researching the tech industry online is the theory, then hands-on experience is practical. From coding to designing to content creation, there are plenty of ways to try tech work out before committing to a change.

Devices like the Raspberry Pi can introduce you to programming for example and help you learn the basics before moving on to more advanced practices. Alternatively, set up a basic website and start building your knowledge of digital marketing as a whole.
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Get the necessary qualifications

Having the right qualifications can open the door for new opportunities in any line of work. In tech, that doesn’t have to mean going back into full or part-time formal education. There are plenty of free and paid-for courses online to help you hone and demonstrate your skills.

The right modules for you will depend on your chosen line of work. Google offers a wealth of pay-per-click advertising training for example, as do social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Refine your resume

With your ideal role identified and some fledgling skills developed, now it’s time to refine your resume.

If you have tech experience to shout about, be it professional or a side hobby, then absolutely do so. You could create a portfolio if you have enough work to learn on – but all is not lost if you don’t.   

Highlight any experience and soft skills that demonstrate your attitude and capabilities as a professional. If you’ve led a team and worked hard on personal development, for example, these attributes will appeal in tech too.
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Take the leap

Ready to put yourself out there? Then do it! Platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed are great for finding work opportunities. There are also many specialized tech recruiters out there who may be able to help your job search.

With little experience, you can expect to come in at a junior level. But private tech companies rarely have strict rules and timeframes around progression, so you could work your way up the ranks in no time if you’re committed.

Is 2022 the year you make a change and start a more rewarding career in tech?

Ed Smith

Ed Smith – Ed took a keen understanding of business through his studies and early business ventures. He now looks to advise start-ups and is extremely keen to make sure every entrepreneur gets the advice that could make their business venture a success. He has been a guest author on various high authority business sites.'

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