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Can You Get A Medicare That Covers Fitness?

by Micah James — 6 months ago in Health 4 min. read

Anybody registered with Medicare might wonder if they can get their fitness programs paid for. Well, the coverage your plan provides determines the answer to this question. While original Medicare doesn’t cover fitness programs or gym memberships, some plans like Medigap and Medicare Advantage can significantly help as they may cover these programs.

Will Medicare Pay for Your Fitness Programs?

The original Medicare consists of Part A and Part B. While Part A covers inpatient hospital services, Part B addresses outpatient healthcare and various preventative services. Some argue that fitness programs should be considered preventative services and, therefore, be covered by Part B of original Medicare. However, Part B primarily covers programs like chiropractic care, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and similar services.

Suppose your physician diagnoses you with a chronic condition and recommends a physical therapist as part of your treatment. In that case, your Medicare coverage covers these expenses. Nevertheless, Medicare does not classify fitness programs or gym memberships as part of these covered treatments.

Fortunately, some private Medicare plans do cover fitness center memberships. Some companies offer optional Medicare plans, such as Medicare supplement insurance (Medigap) or Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage), specifically designed to cover services excluded by original Medicare.

The advantage of these plans is their comprehensive coverage of inpatient, outpatient, and preventative care as provided by original Medicare. Additionally, they offer various healthcare services that the original Medicare does not include. It’s important to note that plan availability varies depending on location, plan type, and willingness to invest in the package.

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Does Every Medicare Advantage Plan Cover Fitness Classes?

Private insurance companies offer various Advantage plans with different benefits. Researching your options to find the ideal program is essential, as Medicare Advantage is not obliged to provide fitness and gym programs. Remember that even after registering for this Medicare plan, you remain a part of the original Medicare, and its payments do not cease.

What Types of Fitness Memberships Might an Advantage Plan Provide?

As mentioned earlier, the offerings of Part C can vary since different private insurance companies administer them. Nonetheless, as these plans are tailored for seniors, the fitness center benefits primarily revolve around gyms or other establishments catering to seniors. These plans include gym memberships at local gyms, YMCAs, and community fitness centers.

Every Medicare Advantage plan has unique options for its members, and most incorporate physical fitness choices. SilverSneakers and Silver & Fit stand out as the leading health and fitness programs supported by Medicare Advantage.

What is SilverSneakers?

SilverSneakers is a dynamic fitness program tailored for adults aged 65 and above. Boasting a nationwide network of participating gyms, you will find a facility that perfectly aligns with your needs.

What’s the Cost of SilverSneakers?

Membership to this program is free, provided your Medicare Advantage plan covers it. However, it’s advisable to check your program’s details.

SilverSneakers Benefits

This program offers the following benefits:

  • Access to various amenities like exercise equipment, saunas, and swimming pools.
  • Personalized guidance and support from seasoned program advisors.
  • An assortment of enjoyable social activities.
  • Engaging senior classes conducted by certified instructors.
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Exploring SilverSneakers Flex

The SilverSneakers Flex package might be your preference for those seeking extra flexibility. This plan has innovative classes like dancing, walking groups, and indoor/outdoor boot camps.

SilverSneakers Steps

Do you prefer exercising in the comfort of your own home? SilverSneakers has you covered with the SilverSneakers Steps plan. Upon registration, you’ll receive a fitness kit with resistance bands, a pedometer, and an exercise DVD. This kit empowers you to customize your workout to your capabilities and lifestyle.

Silver & Fit

Silver & Fit is dedicated to providing seniors with convenient and budget-friendly access to fitness. With an extensive network of over 18,500 online fitness centers, this program empowers older adults to maintain active and healthy lifestyles.

Silver & Fit offers various benefits to cater to your needs and preferences. Depending on your chosen provider and Medicare Advantage plan, you can enjoy:

  • Access to strength training and cardiovascular equipment.
  • Access to various fitness facility amenities like saunas, swimming pools, and whirlpools.
  • Online resources like wellness and health centers.
  • Fitness facility workout sessions.

Silver & Fit recognizes that everyone’s fitness journey is unique. For those who prefer the comfort of their home environment or lack a nearby fitness center, Silver & Fit offers several home exercise kits. These kits are designed to cater to your diverse interests and needs, and they feature essential workouts such as strength training, yoga, Pilates, walking, Tai Chi, and dance.

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What’s the Cost of Silver & Fit?

The path to well-being with Silver & Fit comes with flexible pricing options. While some providers offer the program for free or with minimal copayments, others may require a minimal annual fee, typically around $10 to $25.

Renew Active Program

The Renew Active program is a fitness program designed to keep you active, focused, and connected. The program is available at a gym or from home at no extra cost. The features of the Renew Active fitness program include:

  • Access to an extensive nationwide network of gyms and fitness centers.
  • Complimentary gym membership at a nearby gym.
  • Fun social events at local health and wellness classes and gatherings.
  • Availability of numerous on-demand workout videos and live-streamed fitness classes.
  • An online Fitbit Community for Renew Active, and you don’t need a Fitbit device.

The Bottomline

In summary, while the original Medicare overlooks fitness, Medicare Advantage plans and programs like SilverSneakers offer practical fitness and gym membership options. These programs enhance seniors’ physical health by offering free exercise classes, equipment, and social interaction opportunities. However, when choosing a Medicare plan, consider personal fitness aims, plan expenses, and extra benefits.

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