What Are Dietary Supplements: Benefit Or Harm To Health?

What are Dietary Supplements: Benefit or Harm to Health?

by Micah James — 2 years ago in Health 3 min. read

The topic of the effectiveness of dietary supplements has been an active discussion for several years now. In society, you can find completely opposite opinions. Some consider supplements useless, and their customers are victims of branded marketing. Others, on the contrary, see them as a panacea for all diseases. Today we will tell you about the delusions of both sides, and also talk in detail about what dietary supplements are and who may need them.

What are Dietary Supplements?

Dietary supplements are biologically active substances of plant, animal, or mineral origin that contain vitamins, macro, and microelements. On the outside, supplements really look like pharmaceutical preparations. However, dietary supplements are not medicines. Their main difference is in the amount of active substance. In supplements, it should be several times lower than the therapeutic dose, which allows them to have a mild effect on the body. This cannot be said about medicines. The functions of supplements, respectively, also differ. They can be divided into two areas:

  • Support for medical treatment. When a person is sick, his body undergoes tremendous stress and spends all its resources on counteracting the disease. By turning to vitamin manufacturers, you can speed up the healing process and minimize the weakness that occurs due to illness.
  • General effect on the body. For good health, people need a complex and varied diet, however, not all of them have the opportunity to maintain it, and many of them are not at all aware of its importance. This problem is especially acute in the countries of the former Soviet Union. Previous generations could eat potatoes with bread for days, guided by the fact that it was relatively cheap and made it possible to satisfy hunger. Back then, no one thought about the ratio of PFC or maintaining the vitamin balance. Today the situation is improving, but the Soviet legacy still makes itself felt, and there are still quite a few families with this approach to nutrition. Dietary supplements, in turn, are a simple and convenient way to provide the body with what it may lack, thus giving a person the opportunity to maintain their condition at a consistently good level.
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Are Dietary Supplements Really Good for Health?

The effectiveness of most dietary supplements is not confirmed by clinical tests. Nevertheless, practice shows that their use is very justified. Doctors often prescribe supplements as an adjunct, since in the correct dosage, the use of vitamins can greatly facilitate the treatment process. However, the keywords here are: “at the right dosage”. An excess of certain elements can cause rejection in the body and significantly worsen your condition. Therefore, before contacting the vitamin manufacturer, you should consult a specialist and establish the deficiency of which substances you currently have. Otherwise, you risk hurting yourself.

How Dietary Supplements Help

The difficulty in maintaining a healthy diet lies in the fact that certain groups of vitamins are extremely difficult to obtain. Some of them are found only in expensive products. For example, omega 3 is found only in certain types of fish. Not many people can afford these products on a daily basis. It is much easier to buy capsules with them from a vitamin manufacturer. And this is not to mention the fact that even a conscious and wealthy person will not consume food based only on how healthy it is. The factor of availability and taste preferences, one way or another, plays a role for everyone, which means that the appearance of vitamin deficiencies is inevitable. Fortunately, dietary supplements are able to easily fix this problem and help maintain the balance of your body. The main thing here is to approach consumption wisely. You must clearly know what you are missing and whether you have contraindications against this or that product. Although dietary supplements are safer than conventional drugs, they are still products designed to affect the body, and their use requires a rational approach.


Dietary supplements are an inexpensive and affordable way to provide your body with the necessary vitamins. They play an important role in the prevention and treatment of various diseases. Using dietary supplements, you can remove harmful substances from the body and normalize your metabolism. Therefore, if you have been thinking about starting to use them for a long time, we highly recommend giving them a try. Take them correctly and soon you will feel much better!

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