What's The Next Big Challenge In HR Technology?

What’s the Next big Challenge in HR technology?

by Alan Jackson — 2 years ago in Artificial Intelligence 3 min. read

Your Human Resources department should be at the forefront of your efforts to ensure that your employees are always first.

You can attract top talent to your company by using technology in this way. You can retain more talent by encouraging innovation and learning in your company.

This could imply that artificial intelligence will be used in HR to hire and recruit people. It’s possible.

Artificial intelligence is now a reality in HR, as technology plays a growing role in recruiting and maintaining talent. Artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and other HR tech trends are just two of the many examples that are used every day.

What’s the next big challenge in HR technology?

There is a lot of it. We’ve narrowed it down to six trends that could have a major impact on your company’s HR tech (if not already).
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Remote Teams

Remote working is a prominent trend. According to an International Working Group (IWG) study, remote work is not an exception. It is still on the rise and becoming a popular HR technology trend in many companies and regions.

Technology has many solutions available to it, and it will continue to be focused on bringing together disparate teams.

Interactive project management, communications suites such as Trello or Slack, and cloud-based HR software make location no longer a barrier. Technology must be used to ensure that distributed teams are connected and productive.

Cloud-based HR

Your HR department might be remote if you have remote employees. You’ll need cloud-based, HR platforms for remote employees. This will help you to manage your HR department in the future.

Cloud-based HR Software has become the norm, and not only for remote workers. It is far more flexible, which makes it ideal for expanding companies where HR specialists have access to real-time data.

Employee Mental Health & Wellness

The organization’s overall mental health impacts the performance and productivity of employees. It’s not surprising that this topic is so hot right now.

Many projects are underway to prevent employees from becoming burnt out and improve their mental and physical health. This will result in better retention.

Employee mental health and wellness systems that are fueled by employee data will be more common. Gamification platforms will continue their growth, but there will be an increase in focus on employee mental health.

One in five Americans suffers from mental illness. Businesses are now beginning to see the consequences for their overall performance.
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Employer Branding

Social media has been used by organizations for years to enhance their brand image and reputation among employees and potential candidates.

LinkedIn reports that 72 percent of employers believe that an employer’s reputation and image have a significant impact on their hiring process, as well as the bottom line. This can lead to lower cost-per-hire, and attract more qualified candidates.

This isn’t a passing trend, it’s something that companies should investigate further. Technology can help, from expanding job boards and corporate review websites to integrated career sites with HR software and social networking platforms.

Additionally, hyper-targeted social media ads allow for the creation of employee stories and job opportunities that help to target the right audience and attract the best candidates.
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Enhancing Recruitment Experiences

Artificial intelligence has already transformed the entire recruitment process. Everything is digital now, from resumes and applications to interviews.

Recruiters have access to information and the ability to help create a seamless candidate experience. HR is increasingly about the “experience” for applicants and employees.

Companies have difficulty finding qualified employees to fill vacant positions. This favors the employee over the company.

It is also becoming more difficult to retain skilled employees. The seemingly endless benefits offered by competing companies entice employees. Technology allows HR departments to access new resources and solutions that will help them expand their global reach and better meet the needs of their employees.

Data Analytics using AI

Data is the heart of modern life. Data management is essential for human resource management, especially with the growth of teams. Today, HR managers have access to a variety of technological resources such as employee feedback tools, easy surveys, and analytics platforms.

Augmented analytics is a prominent trend. This data-driven method uses machine learning and language processing to automatically generate insights.

Experts say augmented analytics tools are easier to use to analyze employee data and provide better insight.

They employ AI skills to analyze large amounts of data, identify trends and track key indicators. These tools provide data in a conversational format that is easy to understand.
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Final Thoughts

Some people believe digitization and other cutting-edge AI and cloud based technology will remove the human element from the equation. However, it may be false.

We can see how these technologies are helping companies become more human if we examine their capabilities more closely. How do you achieve this? You can free HR professionals from the tedious work of managing people. This will allow them to focus on more important areas and give them a human touch.

The key advantage of the most recent HR tech trends is that they don’t intend to replace people. It’s designed to assist people in building more meaningful professional and personal relationships.

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