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Importance of Data Diversity to Avoid Bias
By: Alan Jackson, Sat February 8, 2020

The world is connected today in more ways than it ever has been before, as billions of objects are now..

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Top 3 Emerging Technologies support To Influence S...
By: Alan Jackson, Fri February 7, 2020

As recently as 25 to 30 years ago, few could have envisioned exactly how far technology would come. By do-it-all-for-you..

News/Blockchain Technology

Future of Blockchain Tech Innovation in the East
By: Alan Jackson, Fri February 7, 2020

Since the end of World War II, the United States has been an undisputed global leader in innovation. From putting..

News/Machine Learning

How Image Processing and Machine Learning can be L...
By: Alan Jackson, Sat February 1, 2020

Machine Learning(ML) generally means that you’re training the machine to do something(here, image processing) by providing set of training data’s...

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Important AI and Machine Learning Trends for 2020
By: Alan Jackson, Tue January 28, 2020

Businesses that range from high tech startups to international multinationals see artificial intelligence as a crucial competitive edge in an..

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How AI Impact on Oil And Gas Sector
By: Alan Jackson, Sat January 25, 2020

Artificial intelligence is one of the most exciting technological improvements to encircle our society in living memory, however few individuals..

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How Artificial Intelligence does Ruling the Future...
By: Melissa Crooks, Thu January 23, 2020

Industries are moving to increase their profit using technologies like artificial intelligence, the internet of things, etc. One of the..

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How Artificial Intelligence help Fight Financial F...
By: Alan Jackson, Tue January 21, 2020

It’s not something — firms are utilizing AI and ML to financial fraud. Financial fraud isn’t science fiction. AI solutions..

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Find the Evolving Relationship between Big Data an...
By: Alan Jackson, Thu January 16, 2020

Find the evolving relationship between big data and artificial intelligence. The rising popularity of the technologies provides engaging audience expertise...

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How AI and Machine Learning will Surprise in 2020
By: Alan Jackson, Sun January 12, 2020

This very simple spreadsheet of machine learning how foibles might not seem like much but it is an intriguing exploration..

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These Teen AI Entrepreneurs Will Surprise You in 2...
By: Alan Jackson, Thu January 9, 2020

Starting a company isn’t a simple choice to make. Building a provider demands money and work also, along with time...

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