10 Best Websites That Changed Everyday Life

10 Best Websites that Changed Everyday Life

by Alex Noah — 3 years ago in Top 10 < 1 min. read

The internet has made it possible to do almost anything online. Certain websites, however, have shown the new face to the internet. The internet makes everything available online, including education, shopping, socializing, and news. This has led to many internet giants in the world of top websites. We present the top 10 websites that have changed our daily lives.

1. Google:

It’s easy to understand the name. Google is a well-known brand. A wise man once said, “If it doesn’t appear on Google it cannot possibly exist elsewhere.”

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Sergey Brin and Larry Page created the search engine giant Google in 1998. It is currently the largest search engine in the world. Google is responsible to around 80% percent of all online searches today.

Google is not just a search engine. It has also made important contributions to a number of other areas such as the browser Google Chrome and social networking sites like Google Plus. Google has gained popularity to the point where it is now considered a verb in the Oxford Dictionary.
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2. YouTube

Videos have been a long-standing source of entertainment on the internet. Many people, including website owners, try to avoid videos due to bandwidth and frequency issues.

YouTube was created in February 2005 to address this real problem. YouTube allows users to upload videos at a much higher frequency than before. They can also comment and like the videos. YouTube is now chasing its viewers’ hearts by making all the videos available.

3. Amazon

It is obvious that the website’s name is extraordinary. Amazon.com, the largest online shopping site, was named after the world’s largest river.

This website has everything, from groceries to music CDs, electronics to toys. This allows people to have all their items under one name online. This has significantly reduced the time spent in retail stores.

Amazon also offers free shipping, as well as the availability advantage. Amazon has without doubt changed the face of online shopping.
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4. Facebook

This is perfectly captured by the following quote: “The book everyone wants to read.” Although it was founded in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, the site experienced significant growth in 2010, when it had reached 500 million users.

Although the website was initially created for one college, it gained widespread acceptance around the globe. Although socializing online is not a new concept, the site’s many lucrative options helped it to become one of the most popular websites worldwide.

Registered users can communicate with other users, comment on their posts and like them. They can also make new friends or maintain existing friendships on Facebook. It was the idea of bringing people together that was first established.

5. Wikipedia

Jimmy Wales created the largest free encyclopedia on the planet in 2001. It has helped millions of students around the globe. Nearly 17 million articles are available, and they can be accessed in many languages including Spanish, German and Russian.

It’s a free website that allows users to search for almost anything. If he doesn’t find it, he can make modifications. It was ranked seventh in terms of website views according to Alexa, an online rating service.
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6. Yahoo!

It was the most visited website on the internet between 1994 and the time that Google emerged.

Yahoo Messenger is just one of many divisions that Yahoo offers. It also includes news, ads, search engines, games and Yahoo messenger. But yahoo messenger is the most popular, as it was the first chatroom to gain popularity. Yahoo Messenger is the most widely used.

While Google has now taken over Yahoo’s position it is safe to still evaluate it and include it in the top 10 websites of this new era of information.

7. Pandora

This website is a well-known name in the music world. Music cassettes, CDs and MP3s are all available for people who enjoy listening to music.

With the introduction of the online radio service, users can create their own radio stations and listen to music that suits their preferences. This is a significant shift in the sector.

8. Blogger

Blogger allows you to share your thoughts with the rest of the internet. Blogger has replaced the traditional method of writing on paper, in a notebook, or getting a column published in a magazine.

Now you can quickly and easily type your thoughts and upload them to your website. This will allow you to gain international recognition.

Although there were several other sites in the race such as TypePad, LiveJournal and WordPress, none of them could change the trend towards Blogger and it should be included on this list.
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9. Craigslist

Advertising is necessary for everyone to know about it. You are likely to be familiar with the issues surrounding spam, security, unorganised advertising, and other concerns if you have been involved in this industry. The world’s biggest online advertising website solved these issues, making life much easier for everyone.

You can search the internet for any topic, worldwide or locally, using this method. The section titled “personals” also made this website very popular.

10. eBay

Another shopping site, but this time it has achieved new heights by offering exclusive bidding and purchasing options.

It is the largest online shopping site in the world with more than 30 branches across the globe and all the attractive features that make it stand out from other stores.

These websites are so popular that they have had an impact on everyday life for ordinary people. They have been awarded a place on this list.

Alex Noah

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