Best 10 In-Demand Metaverse Cryptocurrencies In 2022

Best 10 in-Demand Metaverse Cryptocurrencies in 2022

by Micah James — 2 years ago in Top 10 3 min. read

The recent Metaverse cryptocurrency boom has seen huge returns for its investors.

The Metaverse, which acts as a bridge between real and virtual worlds is expected to see a lot of interest in the next few years. Recent developments in Metaversecryptocurrencies have seen huge returns for their investors. Blockchain and NFTs are important components of the growing Metaverse ecosystem. You can purchase many metaverse tokens. You have come to the right place if you’re looking for Metaverse cryptocurrency with high returns. This article contains the top 10 most in-demand Metaverse cryptocurrencies for 2022.


Axie infinity was launched as recently as 2020. It is one of the most popular Metaverse crypto coins that can be used for play-to-earn gaming. AxieInfinity is built on the Ethereum blockchain. Play-to-earn games, which allow users to earn rewards for completing certain tasks (e.g. reaching a particular level), are a new concept. This incentivizes users into the wider Axie Infinity ecosystem. This can be represented as a unique NFT that can then be sold on an open marketplace.

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The Sandbox

Because it applies blockchain technology to large global markets such as the gaming sector, Sandbox is a solid investment for March 2022. It’s entirely focused on decentralization and has a strong reputation. This project realizes the vision of the metaverse by incorporating a VR component. The Sandbox is basically a game and has the support of gaming brands such as Atari. HSBC also recently bought virtual real estate in its metaverse. It is heavily dependent on NFT creation and trading. NFTs can be created by players using the SAND metaverse tokens.


Decentraland is a virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. It allows users to create, experiment, and monetize contempt or applications. Users can purchase plots of land in this virtual world that they can then use to build on, monetize, and navigate. It is one of the most in-demand metaverse cryptocurrencies of 2022.

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Gala Games

Gala Games is expected to invest US$2billion in gaming, US$1billion in movies, $1billion in music, and the rest into an NFT-specific theme park. Gala Games (GALA), has only released one game on its platform to date. This highlights the huge upside potential of this project. If they succeed in implementing their strategy, the network will be a household name in the future of Metaverse.

Sensorium Galaxy

Sensorium Galaxy is a digital universe that has been created in collaboration with top producers and media companies around the world. This metaverse is currently in beta and consists of multiple worlds that each act as hubs for a particular set of experiences. Sensorium Galaxy’s in-platform currency, SENSO, is a key feature. It leverages blockchain technology to create a fair, transparent, and user-owned decentralized economic system.

Wax (WAXP)

Wax (WAXP), was created in 2017 to improve e-commerce transactions. It makes them safer, faster, and easier to use. WAX, a platform that uses blockchain-based tools to make transactions faster and more user-friendly, is a decentralized app where marketplaces can be found. It is one of the most in-demand metaverse cryptocurrencies of 2022.

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SushiSwap hosts a popular decentralized currency exchange, which allows users to trade digital currencies without the need for a third party. SushiSwap has seen a tremendous rise in popularity, with a market cap of US$500 million as of early 2022. SushiSwap also created an NFT marketplace with the Metaverse to expand its business model.

Render Token

It is clear that Metaverse platforms need a lot of GPU space. Metaverse gamers who are the best at processing large amounts of transactions every second run into a problem. This increases the need for more throughput to the underlying blockchain. This results in increasing transaction fees and slow processing times. Render Token is able to help with this problem by offering a distributed GPU rendering network that can be used across all Metaverse projects.

RedFox (RFOX)

The RFOX VALT is a metaverse company that has created an immersive experience focusing on retail, media, and gaming. RFOX VALT is the core of RFOX’s ecosystem. It integrates the metaverse with a variety of solutions, including e-games and Defi. RFOX token, which is the project’s main currency, serves as the hub of this ecosystem. VFOX token holders are rewarded with a portion of the RFOX VALT earnings. It is one of the most in-demand metaverse cryptocurrencies of 2022.

Enjin Coin (ENJ)

Enjin Coin (ENJ), an ERC-20 token based on Ethereum, is called Enjin Coin. It can be used to purchase game items using in-game currency. It can also be used to increase the value of in-game assets. It can be used to purchase and sell in-game items as well as a currency. Enjin’s platform also has Marketplace finance. Marketplace allows developers and game players to trade their items on a marketplace, without any intermediary fees.

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