What Is Google Sheets? Introduction To Google Sheets

What is Google Sheets? Introduction to Google Sheets

by Alan Jackson — 2 years ago in Development 3 min. read

Google Sheets is a renowned Spreadsheet application that is a part of Google’s comprehensive, web-based, free Google Docs Editor Suite.

The Google Docs Editor Suite also consists of Google Drawings, Google Slides, Google Docs, Google Sites, Google Forms, and Google Keep. You can also avail of Google Sheets as a desktop application on ChromeOS and as a mobile application on Windows, Android, BlackBerry, and iOS.

With Google Sheets, you can easily let users organize, analyze, and edit a vast range of information.

It allows you to seamlessly collaborate and multiple users can modify and amend the files in real-time.

In addition, all changes made to your worksheet in Google Sheets can be monitored effectively through a revision history. Also, read the guide on how to integrate data from google sheets to power bi.

Understanding the Key Features of Google Sheets

Here are a few key features of Google Sheets that allow it to stand out of the crowd:

  • Extensive Exploration

The Explore feature of Google Sheets leverages Machine Learning to introduce new avenues through handy functionalities.

Google Sheets Explore offers a lot of information based on the data you supply to the spreadsheet. Apart from this, the Google Sheets Explore feature allows the spreadsheet to auto-update itself depending on the selected data.

The Google Sheets Explore feature also lets the users pose queries, design pivot tables, create charts, format the spreadsheet with a vast array of colors, and visualize data.
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  • Intuitive Editing

A key element of Sheets is that it enables collaborative updations of spreadsheets in real-time. So instead of emailing one document to various people, a single document can be opened and modified by various users in parallel.

All the Google Sheets users can view every change made by other teammates, and all changes are automatically saved to Google servers.

  • Vast Multitude of Supported File Formats

Google Sheets offers support for a vast array of file formats. Google Sheets allows users to edit, export, and save document files and spreadsheets within Google Sheets. A few file formats supported by Google Sheets include .xls, .xlsx, .csv, .ods, .tsv, etc.
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  • Ease of Offline Editing

Google Sheets provides extensive support for offline modifications. Users can either edit their spreadsheet offline on their mobile apps or desktop in Google Sheets.

On the desktop, users are required to leverage the Google Chrome browser and install the “Google Docs Offline” Chrome Extension to allow offline modifications for Google Sheets along with other Google applications.

While utilizing mobile applications, Google Sheets users need to leverage the Google Sheets mobile app for iOS and Android, which offer support for offline amending.

  • Effortless Integration

Being a Google native offering, you can unfiy Google Sheets with various Google Products such as GForms, Google Translate, Finance and more.
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Understanding the Key Benefits of Google Sheets

Here are a few salient benefits of leveraging Google Sheets as a part of your workflow:

  • Working at Scale

Google Sheets works splendidly with various valuation and operating models that fall under the umbrella of larger datasets.

Apart from top-notch performance, Google Sheets also depicts a small, helpful progress bar in the corner of the screen, giving it a clear edge over Microsoft Excel’s tendency to freeze and leave you estimating the time it would take to complete the task at hand.
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  • Version Control

Google Suite products eliminate the distasteful experience of a crash beyond recovery that might result in hours of lost work.

Google Sheets allows its users to have one file throughout the life of the project, due to Version Control.

You can access Google Sheets Version Control through the “See Version History” in the menu that allows you to have a detailed peek at the edits made to a document from the very beginning through a pivotal timeline, along with the name of the person who made every change.

  • Robust Security

Google Sheets ensures that industry-leading security measures are maintained to keep your data safe, including advanced malware protection. You can rest easy since all files created in Google Sheets or uploaded to Google Drive are encrypted at rest and in motion.
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This blog gives a brief overview of Google Sheets that includes its key benefits and features to help you grasp a holistic knowledge of this Spreadsheeting application and what you can stand to gain by integrating it into your workflow.

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