Concentration: How Not To Lose It When You Study From Home

Concentration: How not to Lose It When You Study From Home

by Alan Jackson — 2 years ago in Development 4 min. read

It may seem that remote studying is a plus because you do not need to leave home, prepare, and become the master of your time. But in fact, the lack of ability to focus on studying responsibilities makes this type of activity really difficult.

However, there are cons to studying from home – you have too much time, you are often distracted, no one controls you, and sitting in your pajamas during the day contributes to laziness. So, how not lose concentration when you are studying from home?

Concentration – Is It Possible To Master It?

There is an assumption that some people simply cannot concentrate, for example, because of their character. However, this is not the case. Concentration is a skill that everyone can learn. It’s a kind of habit, you just need to practice it systematically to acquire this skill.
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When Is It Easier To Focus?

Sometimes when you do simple tasks, it seems easy to focus. However, you should know that it is primarily about your brain, which in the case of more complex tasks must work in an enhanced mode.

Therefore, when doing simple things, it seems to you that everything is fine with your concentration. But it’s really about how your brain works at the time when you are dealing with more complicated tasks, like writing an essay. Of course, you could always delegate your academic paper to an essay writer, but such tasks will really test your concentration abilities.

Concentration: Step By Step Guide

Concentration: Step By Step Guide

You study from home and you have a lot of freedom. But, on the other hand, it prevents you from 100% concentration. No one controls you, so you can do useless things for a long time: watch photos of friends on Facebook, videos on YouTube, in short, distracted, and you find it difficult to solve even the simplest task. So, how can you improve your concentration level?

Focus On One Task

The “distribution” of attention is a myth, so if you want to focus completely on the task, do one thing at a time. Only then can the concentration be 100%, and you can make the most of yourself. Set that you can only complete the next task when you have completed the previous one.
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Do Not Worry

Sometimes you have a lot of work to do. The more tasks you have, the higher the level of stress, you can’t calm your emotions, you can’t focus and as a result, you become even more nervous. It is important to realize that concentration is actually disturbed by every emotion, so all you need to do is forget about fear or stress.

That’s why you should try to relax and calmly perform tasks. Think about what could be the worst consequences, such as a small delay in the task. It may not be as tragic as it may seem. The very fact that you will become calmer can help you fulfill your obligations faster and more efficiently.

Don’t Forget About Breaks

Breaks in studying are extremely important. Full concentration usually takes about 15 minutes, and you really need a long workout to control it. If you take short breaks for a walk, during which you will walk, look out the window, give your eyes a rest, concentration will probably increase, and no tasks will be a problem for you.
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Get Rid Of Distractions

Everything that distracts you is the enemy of your success and efficiency. So, turn off your phone and even all messages. Also, turn off the TV, which plays your favorite series in the background, use special programs and block all sites that do not allow you to focus and take too much time while working.

You can also tidy up the table, make more free space, get rid of all the extra that you have on hand, and can be distracting. In addition, always have water or another favorite drink nearby so that thirst does not distract you.

Focus On The Present

Focus On The Present

You complete tasks, but often your thoughts fade into the future or past memories. Remember, while studying, you need to get rid of such thoughts and understand that the most important thing is the current moment and the tasks you have set for yourself.
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Pay Attention To Diet

Appropriate concentration also depends on what you eat. It is worth enriching your diet with vegetables and fruits and remembering about water – hydration of the body is very important, and thanks to this you can also focus easier and faster.

Plan And Take Notes

It’s easier to focus on tasks when you know how much work you have left. As soon as you think of something that disturbs your concentration, write it down – this procedure will definitely help, and you will be able to return to quiet work.
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Final Thoughts

Use these simple steps to improve your concentration level, and you will see how fast you’ll become more productive and your academic performance will improve as well.

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