Tips You Should Follow When Playing Escape From Tarkov

Tips You should follow when Playing Escape from Tarkov

by Alan Jackson — 2 years ago in Entertainment 3 min. read

Escape from tarkov is a game that requires hours of grind. This game is a serious addiction because once you start playing it and learn everything about the game, you won’t be able to stop yourself from playing this game.

However, this game is a bit difficult to understand due to many things. It’s not a battle royale and it’s very different from all the battle royale games.

Yes, there are some aspects of battle royale in it but it’s a very different game. The features this game has are very unique from other games so, this game can not be compared with other games due to different aspects and features.

However, people have stopped playing this game due to a lot of hackers ruining the game. This game requires some serious skills and when people come with hacks, it just ruins the experience for other people.

Devs should take serious action against it and ban them permanently. Everyone is using tarkov cheat by lavicheats which is proven to be safe to use.

It will bypass the anti-cheat system of the game and will work perfectly fine without anyone noticing.

Many new people have stopped playing the game before they even started due to hackers getting into their lobby and taking all their loot.
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Collecting loot and weapons requires a lot of grinds and when a hacker steals your things for free, the fun experience of the game just goes away forcing you to switch to another game.

So, devs should look into this matter if they want their player base to increase because, with hackers, it will only go down leading to a decrease in the player base of the game.

This thing happens with every game and every game dev should look into it. There will be a time when no one will want to play this game thus, the franchise will end.

Now let’s talk about what’s in the game, there are many things in eft that you’ll have to learn first before jumping into a lobby with real players.

There are scav runs, raids and, etc. You’ll have to play and grind every day for hours just to learn one map. EFT maps are huge and can a lot of time to learn.

You’ll have to learn every hiding spot, looting spot, and exit spot of the map so you know what to do in hard times. This game gets very fun once you get the hang of it. You won’t be able to stop yourself from playing that game it’s that fun. So, before playing this game, think about it.
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Here are some tips you should follow when playing escape from tarkov:

Learn and master only one map

Knowing that all eft maps are huge, it can take you ages to learn all of them. So what you should do is learn and master only map and do scav runs and raid on it.

Doing these on other maps will only raise your chances of getting killed as won’t know anything about the map.

Don’t make the mistake of learning all the maps at once because you won’t know what to do when you get into the game.

So, choose a map that you like the most and just grind on it and master it. Once, you know everything about the map, you can start doing scav runs, raids and, etc for guns and ammo.

Play more scav runs than raid

When doing scav runs, your money will be safe but your loot won’t be. So, don’t bring everything into the game with you as you’ll have a chance of losing it all when you get killed.

Only take the essential items and only two guns with you with a normal amount of ammo. In raids, if you die, you lose all your money and loot and that is why people avoid playing raids. However, raids give you a good amount of loot and weapons.
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Get insurance for your gear

Before you do any scav runs, get insurance for the gear you will take in with you. So, even if you lose the gear, you’ll be able to get it back without losing anything. Insurance of the gear is also very cheap so even a beginner can afford it.

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