What Is The Role Of Pharmaceutical Distribution In The UK

What Is The Role of Pharmaceutical Distribution in the UK?

by Holly Mason — 3 years ago in Health 3 min. read

Pharma distribution is a process that has been used for several years and has become strained over the last year as the Coronavirus pandemic has to lead to increased demand for several medical services.

But with this supply and demand comes a change in role as the industry continues to evolve. In this article, we will be providing you with insight into how pharmaceutical distribution has changed.

Distribution Of Medication & PPE

Pharmaceutical distribution has been around for many years now, however, the process itself has changed dramatically. As the increased demand for PPE and Medication shows no signs of slowing down, there has been a huge shift in the supply chain.

With a vast amount of automation in the supply chain as well as improved vehicles and GPS tracking to ensure that each delivery is accounted for, there have been several changes being made that have revolutionised pharmaceutical distribution UK services for the better at this unusual time.

There are also several other developments when it comes to deliveries such as the likes of drone delivery that could make their way into distribution in the future.

With several companies making the choice to automate, this is something that could revolutionise the industry and see distribution improved massively over the years to improve the experience and ensure that everyone gets the medication and other items that they need with a fast and reliable distribution method.
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Improve Relationships Between Wholesalers & Manufactures

Another aspect that has changed dramatically when it comes to the role of pharmaceutical distribution is the relationship between the wholesale and the manufactures.

With wholesalers and manufactures often needing reliable middleman in the form of a reliable pharmaceutical distribution company, the relationship between all three of the people involved has been improved.

With manufactures upping the production of both Medication and PPE throughout the pandemic, there has been an increased relationship between them and the distributor as more deliveries have been made more than ever before.

This in turn has increased the relationships between them and wholesalers as deliveries to pharmacies and supermarkets, this relationship has been improved at this time.

This increased relationship has also spread into the automation of the supply chain as the need for computer technology has increased dramatically.

With supply chain management improving as well as several changes to organising the orders being made as well as the order fulfilment process, it is this newfound technology that is helping to regulate the industry and improve the order fulfilment process to improve all these relationships as well as the delivery experience.

Increased Distribution Capabilities

As the deliveries have increased, there has been a need for faster delivery vehicles, and this is where the technology has begun to streamline the process.

Not only have there been more eco-friendly vehicles being out on the market for distribution companies to use, but there are alsoa number of GPS and delivery management software’s that has revolutionised the way that deliveries are being made.

This has the potential to increase the supply chain and benefit each delivery being made on time. This can also improve the relationship between them and the wholesaler as it allows them to track their own deliveries at this time.

The Digital Era On The Role Of Distribution

The need for faster delivery in the digital era has taken the need for effective distribution to brand new heights.

With faster delivery needed for PPE and medication for both NHS services and other elements, the need for efficient delivery has become higher than ever before.

The digital era has also allowed for effective communication between the manufactures at this time to make sure that everything is delivered on time and ensures that there are no over-delivers or shortages at this time.

The digital era has also led to a number of start-ups being put together in this area.

With a number of companies using modern-day technology to get distribution contracts from some of the leading manufactures, the role of a distributor is slowly changing as the industry continues to adapt to modern-day practices.

As technology continues to get faster, there is also likely to be improvements in the delivery processes as well as the order fulfilment section as the use of spreadsheets and stock management aid in improving the production of basic medications as well as those that require a prescription in order to ensure that the accurate amount of each are developed and sent around the country.
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The Impact Of Covid-19 On Distribution

The final way that the role of a distributor has changed is the huge demand for this style of services throughout the course of the pandemic.

With many businesses now being used by the NHS and the British government to meet the demand in orders across the board, the production and distribution processes have been outsourced to a number of new and emerging companies.

This has not only made the industry more competitive; it has also helped to provide jobs to a very important sector during this uncertain time of job losses.

This has helped to grow the industry whilst ensuring that deliveries are made on time.

With several changes being made to the industry at this time, there is plenty to be excited about when it comes to the future of distribution of medical products such as PPE and prescription medication to these businesses.

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