Top 10 Ways To Consider When Designing An ECommerce Website

Top 10 Ways To Consider When Designing An ECommerce Website

by Alan Jackson — 2 years ago in Top 10 4 min. read

There is a market today for everything, from homemade jewelry to power tools. It doesn’t matter what product you sell, creating a website that encourages shoppers to click the “check out check button” is key to the website’s success. What is a good website? There are many things to take into consideration when creating an e-commerce website. An excellent e-commerce site is user-friendly, reliable, functional, and attractive to the eye. To best position, your brand, and compete with other online retailers follow these ten steps during the design phase.

Comodo SSL Secure Server Certificate

The average mall store has security cameras installed and security guards to keep shoppers safe. How can you make sure your online store is secure from hackers and thieves looking to steal client information? You can explore the use of Comodo SSL to secure your customers’ sensitive information such as email addresses, passwords, and credit card numbers. Comodo is your online bodyguard to protect your customers.

No Shipping Charge

Many of the best e-commerce websites offer reduced or free shipping. A buyer may abandon an order when they reach the checkout stage. If the shipping cost is too high, it can be more difficult to complete the purchase. A high shipping cost can make shoppers feel like they are spending too much on an item that they could easily have bought at a local store.

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Eye-Catching, Cohesive Theme

To make your online shop come to life, choose a theme that matches your website’s look and feel. There are many themes to choose from. There are many free themes available, depending on the platform. If none of the themes you like are available, it is worth purchasing a premium theme. Make sure that your images, fonts, and color palettes are perfectly integrated to ensure that your theme represents your brand’s identity.

Images of high quality

Use high-quality photos to demonstrate your products. High-quality images will help you highlight the best features of your product to increase sales. This allows customers to see the product before it arrives. Online buyers don’t like mysteries. Online buyers want to know exactly what they’re buying and expect to receive the exact same item as on your website. Use larger photos and shoot products from various angles. This will give the buyer greater confidence that they are getting a good product.

Descriptions of the products

A great product description will instill confidence in your customers. Your website’s content is as important as its design. Give your customers a description of the product so they know exactly what they are buying. Keep it short and to the point. It’s not necessary to write so much that a browser can read it. Also, don’t make it too short that customers feel the need to move to another site. Your customers cannot touch the items. They don’t know what they are made of, nor how they feel. You have to provide enough detail for the customers so they can visualize the item as it will feel and look. Depending on the product, this can include color, size, and weight as well as material and type.

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Checkout for Guests

Online shoppers may feel that signing up to a site to purchase goods is an inconvenience. It is not for everyone to sign up for a site. However, it is important to have the option to purchase online without signing up. According to reports, customers who are forced to register for a website in order to place an order are less likely to fulfill it. When designing an e-commerce store, it is important to consider the customer’s needs and wants first.

Simple Checkout

Online shopping is all about its ease of use. Do not make it difficult for customers to shop online by making the checkout process complicated. An e-commerce website that is well designed will make it as easy and quick as possible for customers to complete their orders. Customers will return to your website more often if the checkout process is quick and easy. Keep it simple by making the checkout process a one-page process. The checkout process can be overwhelming for consumers, so make it as easy as possible.

Multiple payment options

A website that only allows payment via Visa or Mastercard is missing an enormous opportunity. People prefer alternative payment methods such as Apple Pay or PayPal. To make your site more accessible to as many shoppers as possible, ensure that you offer as many payment options as you can when designing it. It increases shoppers’ motivation to shop on the site if they see that an online retailer accepts their preferred method of payment.

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Human Customer Support

It’s becoming more difficult than ever to personalize a website in this age of technology. Chatbots that don’t answer their questions correctly, or wait days to get back to them via email are frustrating for buyers. Your customers deserve the best customer service. A representative of the company will be available to answer any questions they may have via phone, email, text, or live chat. Positive customer service experiences will encourage shoppers to return to your site and make more purchases.

Customer Satisfaction

Websites should show proof that the purchaser was satisfied with both the product and the website. Ask your customers to review the items. You should ensure that reviewing your item is easy and effortless. It should be as easy as possible for them. It may be because you have difficulty accessing the site.


Web design is an essential part of attracting visitors’ attention. It requires a lot of attention from web designers. To convert visitors into customers, the showcase is crucial. If your website isn’t sales-oriented, you could lose customers. Visitors who leave your site within a few seconds of landing will waste their hard-earned money. When designing your website, you should consider all of the above.

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