Education And Technology: Top 5 Productivity Tools For Students

Education and Technology: Top 5 Productivity Tools for Students

by Evelyn Addison — 2 years ago in Development 3 min. read

If you are a student studying at a university, college, or school, you should agree that productivity is an essential part of your life. Every second student at least once faced many tasks that need to be completed in a short period right when you need to prepare for the exam. That can reduce your efficiency and productivity.

And you know how technology impacts modern education. Nowadays, there are many helpful tools, tools for college students. As we live in a world full of new technologies, you do not need to turn off your phone to concentrate.

On the contrary, you should use modern apps to help you work better and be more productive. These apps will be helpful for you even if you are online studying or for teachers. There are some basic productivity tools:


This app will help you focus on work or study without distraction by using gamification. So you grow a “productivity forest” (bushes are short tasks, and the trees are long ones). And while plants are growing, you must not leave the application on your mobile or go from the desktop to “banned” sites, which you have banned yourself. That can be social networks, Netflix, or Youtube. If you lose focus or get distracted – the plant will die. If not, you will earn points for completing tasks, and for 2,500 points, you can plant a real tree – Forest designers support tree planting. So, you can become more productive and help nature by working. Proved by many happy users that this method truly works.

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It is a service that offers online help with essay writing for students. When you do not have time to write the paper, or if you do not understand the theme, you can use this service and be sure that your order will be done in the best way because they have a 100% original content policy. Also, if you will not be satisfied with the result, you will get a refund. Another advantage is that Writix can cope with an essay in around 3 hours if the situation requires it.

All you need is to project instructions and personal preferences, and your writer will start working immediately. You can find writix samples on their site. Also, you can choose any writer on your own, relying on their skills and areas of study, and communicate with them directly through live chat. Writing has 24/7 support and a comfortable platform design, which allows you to track order progress at every stage. So thanks to this service you will save your time, thereby increasing productivity.


When you need to change the program each time while studying, it can reduce your concentration. To be focused, you can try Notion. There you can do everything – write texts, set tasks, plan the day, and set the budget. It is an adaptable workspace that combines writing text, scheduling assignments, and solving mathematics problems, even using formulas, integrals, and making tables.

The app works in the browser. Also, it is available for iOS and Android. At first, it can be challenging to use, but convenient design and tutorials will help orientate.

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Todoist is a convenient app where you can create to-do lists. The application helps you to organize daily work. You can lay out projects on the shelves and spread work. Todoist can help you to set up a weekly repeat of the assignments. It is beneficial not only for work but also for planning homework or relaxation.

The app works in all browsers, is available for iOS, Android, and even works on smartwatches. On the Todoist site, you can find many list templates for different tasks. Also, this app has an official YouTube channel where you can find tips on how to start.


Evernote is an online notebook with progressive elements. If you like to record everything, but papers do not seem comfortable, this service will help. There you can create tags, sort and search for information, take notes, make checklists, add links or media files.

You can scan important documents, and they will always be at hand on all your devices, can create and distribute tasks within notes, set deadlines and reminders, mark essential things with checkboxes, copy web pages without advertising and get the most out of the content: highlight the main points, add comments and diagrams. Also, it is comfortable to connect your Google Calendar. When notes and appointments exist in a general context, you will not miss anything.

Evernote works in browsers and has Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android applications. The advantage of Evernote is the minimalist interface.


Hard studying affects our health, so do not be afraid to try something new. So if you will teach how to make your education mode productively, it will increase the quality of your knowledge. So use the privileges of the modern world. Try some productivity apps for students, and you will notice how your time will be saved and how much time you will have for work, learning extracurricular courses, rest, or partying at the campus. And even your grades for all subjects can become higher. So what are you waiting for? Try them now!

Evelyn Addison

Evelyn is an assistant editor for The Next Tech and Just finished her master’s in modern East Asian Studies and plans to continue with her old hobby that is computer science.

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