What Are The Movies In Which Actors Just Look Like Normal People?

What are the Movies in which Actors just look like Normal People?

by Alan Jackson — 2 years ago in Entertainment 4 min. read

Marvel Cinematic Universe has been a top franchise in Hollywood.

Though Hollywood is the king of movie magic, marvel movies have had a diverse representation of actors. At times they have nailed it; other times, they have dwelled so much on the different world. And this is what an entertainment movie should look like.

Imagine seeing a hero who looks like you on the screen, with the likes of Black Panther, who was considered a perfect radical hero. He never evaded the radical and political issues affecting society.

Marvel movies have been able to show heroes that reflect humans. This helps people connect emotionally with how they view themselves, how they interact with others and how they see them.

Movies with actors who look like normal people are much more realistic; this is so in the MCU. Fans get more emotional connections with real characters than seeing a bunch of dudes with curled faces and enormous shoulders.

Marvel has a mix of actors, some who look like real people and some from different worlds. One would have a perfect glimpse by watching all Marvel movies in order.

Below is a list of Marvel movies where actors just look like ordinary people.

Movies in which actors just look like normal people

Iron Man (2008)

A human-like character showed up when Hugh Hefner attended a Gala with Stark. I bet it was because they were great friends. It’s at this juncture that the guest knew Turk was the Iron Man. Stark went on to tell the guests that he would demonstrate why he was referred to as ‘Iron man’.

When Stark asked Hefner if they were in agreement, Hefner replied that they were both living in the same world.

If you watch the Iron Man series, it is hard to deny that there was some form of authentic pop culture that demonstrated the acts of real people.


The film was not easy to cast. This was because it was tough to get anyone who could act like a god. There is quite a range of characters who had some human characters. An example would be Heimdall, a brother to Sif, and he was termed as an all-seeing guardian who would watch for any attack to the sentry of Asgard.

He used his eyesight and partly won, as he saw an army of the giant match before the attack. This made them sign defeat even before they reached Asgard. For years, he acted as a watchman by defending the city’s gates from unwelcome guests. In fact, Odin saw him as one of his best servants.

Another actor who has some human-like characters was Jane Foster. Foster was one of the best astronomers who found Thor after banishing from Asgard during her anomalies studies.

The help accorded to Thor by Foster made them fall in love with one another. However, they separated after the Rainbow Bridge was temporarily destroyed.

During the Battle of New York, she came to learn that Thor has returned but never made attempts to contact her. The events that followed made Foster end the relationship with Thor.
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Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

Steve Rodgers was a fighter of American ideals. He was considered as one of the top and mightiest heroes in the Avengers. In this movie, Chris Evans was transformed into Steve Rogers as Steve was too skinny. His body size was contrary to the Marvel Cinematic Universe characteristics of actors.

Evans was up to the challenge due to his great physical abilities. He was to carry a perfect tenure in the film. Steve Rogers was last seen in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

The fact that he was unable to transform to be a super-soldier made fans realize there was some life in him. Eventually, Chris transformed himself into the Old Steve towards the end of the Avengers: Endgame.

The Avengers (2012)

This is one of the Marvel movies that brings all kinds of characters on the screen, and Hawkeye is one example of an actor who just looks like a real person.

Hawkeye( Clint Barton) had won his part in the Avengers as a solo crime fighter. He was left alone when the West Coast Avengers fell apart, and one of their best adventurers, Mockingbirds, was killed by a demon. This was when Hawkeye went back to the wilderness.

His human-like characteristics were seen when he felt the need for human company, and the need made him drift back to the Avengers. Later on, he returned to Thunderbolts leadership. But later was killed. Kate Bishop, a Young Avenger bow member, adopted Hawkeye’s name.
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 Doctor Strange(2018)

Doctor Strange served as a sorcerer Supreme. He defeated the world with the help of mystical threats. The character acted as the primary Earth protector from any magical and mystic threats. This was possible because he had acquired training as a magician and could draw his powers from things such as Watoomb, Raggadorr.

In addition to these magical techniques, he also learned some art disciplines such as judo. Such techniques were taught by the Ancient One, who was also a Sorcerer Supreme.

The human-like character came up when he lost the ability to operate after being severely injured in a car crash. He was a renowned neurosurgeon before the nerve injuries impaired his hands.
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Peter Parker: Spider-Man: Far From Home(2019)

Spider-man: Far From Home is one of the best movies whose some of the actors looked like real people. An example is Peter Parker, who is termed as Tom Holland.

Peter Parker is one of the heroes who have appeared in more than 5 Marvel movies. His human-like role was seen when he was designing a new suit. At this time, a song similar to the Iron Man’s fans played. Fascinatingly, Peter confused that AC/DC song with the one sung by Led Zeppelin about love.

Here Peter acted like a real man, such songs not only appear in the background of the movie that only the fans can hear. The movie doesn’t allow you to keep it off your eyes.

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