Top 10 Health Benefits Of Cold Weather

Top 10 Health Benefits of Cold Weather

by Alex Noah — 2 years ago in Health 3 min. read

Cold weather is often associated with sickness. The cold virus can spread easily when temperatures drop. It is also known as the rhinovirus.

This virus replicates in the nasal cavity and causes itchy, runny eyes. There are also some health benefits that can be found when the temperature drops.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Cold Weather

1. Cooler temperatures boost your brain

People can think more clearly when the temperature is lower. Research has shown that people do better in colder temperatures than those in warmer ones.

Other research has shown that people are more likely to deal with cognitive problems when the room temperature is lower than in winter.

This is because summer requires more glucose to function. You might find your next great idea for a presentation by going outside and walking to the local coffee shop in winter.
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2. You might lose weight by using it

Your body has to work harder when it is cold in order to keep your core temperature high. Stacy Tucker, RN is a natural health expert and founder of Almeda Labs. These rules are important for winter exercise.

3. It increases brown fat

The majority of fat found in humans is whitish-colored. Brown fat, however, is made up of mitochondria-packed fat cells which burn energy and produce heat.

Tucker states that while it was believed that only babies have brown fat, a study has shown that adults also have some brown fat.

Those with lower body mass (BMI) tend to have more brown fat. Research shows that men who are exposed to cold temperatures have a higher level of brown fat and a faster metabolism.
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4. It reduces allergy symptoms

Good news if you suffer from outdoor allergies In cold and snowy conditions, pollen counts are almost non-existent. Tucker says that indoor allergies are not a good idea. Mold and dust mite allergies can make winter miserable, especially if you spend more time indoors.

5. Inflammation can be lower in winter

Ice packs can be used to reduce swelling and pain following an injury. Tucker explains that you may notice your joints becoming less swollen and puffy in winter because cold air acts as an ice pack to reduce inflammation.
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6. This can reduce the risk of developing certain diseases.

While you may be more susceptible to catching a cold than others, you are protected from many diseases and viruses that are more common in warmer temperatures.

Tucker explains that mosquitoes hibernate in winter which results in a decrease in mosquito-borne diseases such as Zika, West Nile virus, and dengue fever.

7. You will sleep better

When you try to fall asleep, your body’s core temperature naturally drops. This process can take up to two hours in the summer heat but takes much less time in winter. Tucker says.

You can sleep in longer days because it is dark earlier, and no need to use blackout curtains. You might also burn more calories if your bedroom temperature is between 60-67 degrees.
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8. It can be used to fight infection

While you may get colds more often in winter, it is better to be prepared for them and help you fight infection.

Tucker explains that studies have shown that the human immune system can be activated by being exposed to colds. This increases someone’s ability to fight infections.

9. It can revitalize the skin

Moderately cold temperatures can be beneficial for skin health, as it constricts blood vessels. Tucker explains that this reduces the risk of redness and swelling due to a decrease in blood flow.

You may also experience fewer breakouts because you produce less oil and more sebum during winter. Learn what dermatologists do in winter for healthy skin.
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10. It can improve your ticker

When you are preparing for winter outdoor workouts, cold weather can do some good to your heart. Working out in cold weather is a challenging and fun activity. The heart must pump more oxygenated blood to compensate and also ensure the body has a comfortable temperature.

Tucker says that exercising in winter can make your heart muscles stronger. However, it is important to exercise outside in cold weather if you have any type of heart disease.

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