Top 5 Reasons Companies Are Turning To No-code Platforms

Top 5 reasons companies are turning to no-code platforms

by Alekhya Talapatra — 4 years ago in Mobile Apps 3 min. read

The digital era is fascinating! Everything’s fast and furious, coaxing us to be on our toes at all times.

And this includes businesses.

The demand today is that of mobility and speed, which is why eyebrows are being raised in the direction of traditional app development.

It does not fit either category and that’s a huge reason why it is falling behind in the race. It is also rather expensive and due to the uncertainty of today’s times, many companies are failing to fund app development. This is causing delays in projects, directly affecting businesses.

Thankfully we have a solution – no-code app development.

What is no-code development?

Due to the increase in demand for shorter time to market, affordable solutions, and lower risk, no-code app development has finally taken the front seat today.

It is an incredible solution that lets technical and non-technical individuals build apps using absolutely no code.

Apps developed on no-code platforms are iterative, flexible, quick, and collaborative. They are also enabling the entire organization to work as a team instead of putting the onus of development only on the IT department.

What’s more, there are advanced no-code platforms out there that have the capability to build enterprise-grade apps without anyone having to write a single line of code. This busts the myth that no-code app development is only for basic apps.

It also puts to rest other speculations revolving around budget, security, and customization.

Top 5 reasons why companies are turning to no-code development platforms

No-code development seems like a gold mine and it is! There are multiple reasons why companies are warming up to it and the top 5 are as follows:

In-house resources are put to good use

The beauty of no-code app development is that you do not need technical skills to develop apps.

So, companies that do not have dedicated IT professionals any longer have to outsource tasks and pay big bills to get things done.

They don’t even need to hire additional resources! Anyone from any department can turn into a (citizen) developer with no-code app development.

The bonus benefit of this is that employee engagement and satisfaction is off the roof. Traditionally, app development was a tedious activity restricted to the IT department.

The rest of the company has little to no say in it. No-code has changed that, by empowering all departments to build, iterate, and deliver powerful apps. This has led to an increase in productivity, a boost in morale, and more innovation.

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Quick changes are now easy

Remember how difficult it was to make a small change in an app after development? The code had to be changed and no one except the developer could do it.

This process was also time consuming. Now, changes don’t take any time or technical expertise. No-code apps are developed to be iterative and that’s how change management is quick.

The business process does not need to stop or be on hold for a change to be implemented. It happens instantly and the process continues.

Lower costs – thank you very much!

This is one of the top reasons why companies are turning to no-code app development. We live in volatile times when every penny is worth its weight in gold.

Even large enterprises are struggling to make ends meet and that’s why shelling out big bucks on app development does not feel like a great idea. Thanks to no-code app development, this is not a concern anymore.

Because no-code platforms are easy to use, quick, and intuitive, they do not need a lot of time or dedicated resources. Citizen developers can easily take over the development process and reduce software infrastructure costs by more than 50%.

It enables lightspeed delivery

I have said this repeatedly through the article and would like to expand on it in this dedicated section because this is the most enticing benefit of no-code development.

No-code platforms help deliver apps (ready for the market) in minutes! Complex apps may take a few hours but that’s it.

Now compare this to the traditional timeframe of 6-9 months and you will realize exactly why this benefit is so crucial.

It has low risk and promises high ROI

Ah, two benefits in one! Here’s how this works. Since no-code platforms are closing the skill gap, the risk of failure is less.

This automatically indicates better ROI. Moreover, in-house developers no longer need to spend time on app development. They can focus their energy and skill on the more pressing problems the business is facing.

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Top no-code application development players in the market today

The no-code world is flourishing with many reliable players in the market. A few of my personal favorites are –

  • Nintex 
  • Betty Blocks
  • Kintone 
  • Quixy
  • Zoho Creator 
  • Salesforce Lightning 
  • Microsoft Power Apps 
  • DronaHQ

There’s absolutely no doubt that no-code app development has made life easy for businesses and software developers alike. It is the need of the hour and solution of the future, which every enterprise must embrace.

Alekhya Talapatra

Mr. A. Talapatra has more than 19 years of managerial career in Maruti Suzuki, Hewlett Packard, IBM and Dell. He did his PGDBM from XLRI (Xavier Labour Research Institute) and Ph.D. from AMU (Aligarh Muslim University) in Retailing. He is a visiting faculty at Fore School of Management, IMI (International Management Institute) Delhi and IMT, Ghaziabad. He is currently the Vice President at Navayuga Infotech – South Africa based in Johannesburg.

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