A List Of Top & Best Innovation Labs In The World

A List Of Top & Best Innovation Labs In The World

by Micah James — 9 months ago in Review 10 min. read

Updated on 29 February, 2024

Best innovation labs help businesses to come up with new product development, exercising and iterating until the idea is fully developed or integrated into the business.

To summarize, brainstorming, testing, executing, and iterating is the goal of any best innovation labs in the world.

I’ve noticed several advancements in the best innovation labs in the world.

Loosely, some dissolved whereas some newborn to rehearse to approach to a new height of sky.

Innovation is supremacy, it is because it gives businesses of any heights and scale plenty of advantages to scale and grow.

Okay! Let’s discuss some of its disruptive advantages.

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Benefits Of Innovation Centers Or Innovation Labs In The World

Top innovation labs provide umbrella benefits to a business. Aiding them in the development of a product from basics to final result.

Following are the benefits of top innovation labs in the world:

  • Disperse a supportive environment for new businesses to develop and grow.
  • Provides expertise tools and methods to experiments and develop solutions.
  • Provide a secure environment for the creation of a product.
  • Help cross functional expertise to work together and enhance knowledge.
  • Cope high level management authorities to make better business decisions based on lab results.

Besides this, I think another advantage that a company leverages is obtaining competitive advantage over their companies.

Moving further, let’s take a detailed look at the top corporate innovative labs in the world.

Top Corporate Innovation Labs In The World

1. Google X

Google X

Founded: 2010
Industry: Computing
Parent Company: Google
Headquartered: Mountain View, California, United States

Goal: 10x impact on the world’s most intractable problems, not just 10% improvement.

X Lab of Google practically focuses on creating radical new technologies to counter some of the world’s hardest problems by combining world’s best inventors and entrepreneurs together.

Most of the Google’s technology product that the world is using are the results of this innovation center (e.g. Apple Vision Pro)

By its product and technological advancement volume, it is the largest and best innovation labs in the world.

Currently, the project x companions are working on moonshot technologies and building the foundation for strong innovative entrepreneurs.

2. Amazon Lab 126

Amazon Lab 126

Founded: 2004
Industry: Retail
Parent Company: Amazon
Headquartered: Sunnyvale, California, United States

Goal: Amazon’s lab 126 aims to scale design environments to enhance idea progression, production development, gain efficiencies, and speed time-to-market.

Initially, Amazon was started as a minor online bookshow portal. Transcending the company mission, the Lab126 was founded focused on the reinvention of the book.

Kindle appeared on the market along with other next-gen devices such as Alexa, Fire Tablets, Fire TV, Echo, Astro, Luna, and Ring are disruptive innovations delivered by this innovation center across the world.

As of now, the lab126 is working on Project Kuiper that enumerates building a constellation to connect the world.

The project aims to provide fast, reliable, affordable internet to unserved and underserved entities around the earth surface.

3. HPC & AI Innovation Lab

HPC & AI Innovation Lab

Founded: NA
Industry: Computing
Parent Company: Dell
Headquartered: Round Rock, Texas, United States

Goal: To help entrepreneurs make their innovations real with high-performance computing.

Another best innovation labs in the world.

Dell has intrigued billions of professionals and individuals by providing disruptive hybrid cloud solutions to high-performance computing to ambitious social impact.

Also, Dell has invented ZENITH, one of the cogent and fastest supercomputers in the world capable of testing and simulating HPS workloads on the Dell EMC HPC system.

The lab has developed uncounted innovations in the field of computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and sustainability initiatives.

And I assume more from Dell’s HPC & AI innovation lab.

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4. IBM Garage


Founded: 2014
Industry: Computing
Parent Company: IBM
Headquartered: Galvanize in San Francisco, United States

Goal: Strive to help outskirts organizations to achieve business value through innovation projects, cultural change, and co-creation.

IBM garage falls under computing innovation practice like Google X but is not involved in direct product development for businesses.

Instead, it is a transformational accelerator that strives to help other organizations by providing experts, practices and technologies to rapidly turn those ideas into business value.

Rachel Reinitz who is the mastermind behind the invention of IBM Garage, currently serves as a CTO expressed that “from the beginning, Garage was about bringing together a set of industry best practices in a new way”.

5. Mastercard Innovation Lab

Mastercard Innovation Lab

Founded: 2010
Industry: Fintech
Parent Company: Mastercard
Headquartered: United States

Goal: Endeavour digital transformation and innovation to help future-proof your business.

Mastercard Innovation Lab is owned and managed by Mastercard, referred to as the powerful and largest fintech company and the top world innovation lab counted by the media.

The Lab precedingly explores, builds, and commercializes digital transformation for its inevitable clients to deliver high-impact and breakthrough products and services.

The Mastercard community called it LaaS (Lab as a Service) that develops intelligent solutions, improves customer lives, and impacts the economy for good.

6. Microsoft Research

Microsoft Research

Founded: 1991
Industry: Computing
Parent Company: Microsoft
Headquartered: Cambridge, United Kingdom

Goal: To transform the world through deep research.

It is the best innovation labs in the world.

Initially, when Microsoft’s first research center was created, it was designed to improve collaboration between in-team engineers and academics.

Today, the research facility has advanced in science and technology. Primitively, they work on this agenda “advance science and technology to benefit humanity”.

Currently, the team at Microsoft research center is working on a new-heights of computing technology like quantum computing with the help of science and academic excellence collar.

7. Citi Innovation Lab

Citi Innovation Lab

Founded: 2009
Industry: Fintech
Parent Company: Citigroup
Headquartered: United States

Goal: Drive innovation with strategic fintechs to co-create and provide its clients with the best solutions.

Citi which is exclusively being the world’s most global bank with over millions of consumers, businesses, and institutions across 160 countries, indulging in creating better lives for its clients.

Citi Innovation lab incorporates world’s leading fintech experts to co-create solutions that matter to the world of people with the best solutions possible.

8. Walmart Labs

Walmart Labs

Founded: 2005
Industry: Retail
Parent Company: Walmart
Headquartered: United States

Goal: Make every day life easier for families.

Walmart have an enthralling story of retail and it would not be wrong to say that it is reshaping retail every day.

Walmart lab is the global tech where practices are happening every moment to take the next great retail disruption.

Recent glossaries of Walmart innovation such as text to shop, drone delivery, and store of the future are showcases of Walmart labs courtesy.

At this time, Walmart Inc. in paradigm to shape retail using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning together with the Mixed Reality concept.

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9. Hewlett Packard Lab

Hewlett Packard Lab

Founded: 1996
Industry: Computing
Parent Company: HP
Headquartered: Palo Alto, California, United States

Goal: Reinventing the world for tomorrow, today.

An American manufacturer of software and computer services, Hewlett Packard launched its first HP lab in Palo Alto with a vision to create, identify, and develop novel technologies and experiences.

The inventions drop-ship from the HP labs impact the world at a glance. Be it the field of 3D printing, security, digital manufacturing, and system technology; their innovation striked bloomingly.

10. AT & T Labs Research

AT & T Labs Research

Founded: 1988
Industry: Telecom
Parent Company: AT & T
Headquartered: Dallas, Texas, United States

Goal: Connecting people to greater possibility – with expertise, simplicity, and inspiration.

AT & T has completed 147 years of innovation heritage while aspiring people to greater possibilities.

The company offered several remarkable groundbreaking possibilities, innovative ways that work for people, and accelerated a new path of era.

Generally, ATT Labs is the global leader in the realm of development and research of connectivity and new-age tech stacks.

Everything from sound to motion picture, and engineering aspect to software development, this best innovation lab does it greatly.

The research center experts look beyond today’s technology solutions to invent disruptive technologies to settle out future needs.

11. Elewit


Founded: 2019
Industry: Energy
Parent Company: Red Eléctrica Group
Headquartered: Tres Cantos (Madrid)

Goal: To promote energy transition and connectivity for a sustainable future.

Elewit innovation lab is a part of Redeia company which is a global leader in electricity, telecommunication, satellite solution, and fiber technology.

The lab is the core technological innovation hub of its parent company where experts challenge new responses in the field of electricity and telecommunication sector. By far, it’s being observed as the best innovation labs in the world.

Elewit labs methodology is centered around its nine key challenges and nine key technologies. As of now, Elewit has worked on numerous projects and offered transparent solutions to tackle challenges.

12. Accenture Innovation Centers

Accenture Innovation Centers

Founded: 1991
Industry: Consulting
Parent Company: Accenture
Headquartered: Around the world

Goal: Shaping the future with breakthrough technologies

Accenture lab or Accenture research center has been located in different countries in the world. India, the United States, China and more different countries have big-box rooms of Accenture innovation.

‘Disruption is the new normal, and innovation is the answer’ is what is believed at every Accenture lab.

Primitively, the world innovation lab helps experts to incubate new concepts and apply the present-day technologies to parcel breakthrough solutions mainly for next-age businesses and society.

The research and development of this lab incubates Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digital experience, future technologies, Application engineering, Industry X innovation, and more.

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13. Volkswagen Automotive Innovation Lab

Volkswagen Automotive Innovation Lab

Founded: 2013
Industry: Automotive
Parent Company: Volkswagen
Headquartered: Stanford, California

Goal: To support a variety of programs focusing on future modes of transportation.

Volkswagen is proudly known for its luxury and stylish-design cars across the globe. In 2013, Volkswagen automotive innovation lab also observed as VAIL was created in Stanford’s university.

Today, the research center focuses creating state of the art vehicles that move vehicle technology forward by focusing on two things:

i) Safety of automated vehicles
ii) Future mobility and society

Delivering on these promises, the company has offered numerous vehicles considering the broad range of social perspectives.

14. Verizon 5G Lab

Verizon 5G Lab

Founded: 2018
Industry: Telecommunications
Parent Company: Verizon
Headquartered: Los Angeles, California

Goal: To help new-age businesses with cutting-edge research infrastructure to test and validate.

Verizon is a leader in the field of wireless network operation across the world.

With the Verizon 5G home internet launch, the company gained momentum, success and revenue generation.

Its 5G lab is built on top of new-age technologies and immersive infrastructure. It enables every potential entrepreneur to test and validate their own solutions.

The laboratory offers LaaS (Lab as a Service) with world-class facilities to businesses for a unique value proposition. Additionally, you could ask for technical experts, validators, and designers to help you get the most out of the Verizon network.

15. Repsol Technology Lab

Repsol Technology Lab

Founded: 1944
Industry: Energy
Parent Company: Repsol
Headquartered: Madrid, Spain

Goal: Changing the world with open innovation.

Observed as the top innovation research center in the world.

REPSOL works for shaping and empowering the world and humanity using energy as a source of innovation.

Considering this promise, they are working on a vision for innovation aimed at transforming the energy sector.

With the help of research centers and laboratories, the company focuses on transforming energy in the field of mobility, emissions reduction, and oil and gas including industry 5.0

The lab incorporates multiple experts of nationwide, latest technological advancement, and open innovation of partnerships that counts businesses, centers, and universities worldwide.

16. PayPal Innovation Labs

PayPal Innovation Labs

Founded: NA
Industry: FinTech
Parent Company: PayPal
Headquartered: Singapore

Goal: Strengthening PayPal ecosystem through academic collaboration, strong talent and the right partners.

We know about PayPal business and it is the world’s first and successful online payment processing solution that uses innovative technology called ‘peer-to-peer’ (P2P) banking.

The PayPal Lab is built to support PayPal’s innovative strategy and its ecosystem.

The purpose of PayPal innovation lab is to bring enhancement in its ecosystem through providing academic collaboration, strong talent and the right partners.

17. Seoul Fintech Lab

Seoul Fintech Lab

Founded: 2018
Industry: FinTech
Parent Company: Seoul Metropolitan
Headquartered: Seoul, South Korea

Goal: To help fintech start ground-up financially.

Seoul fintech lab operates and is funded by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and is involved in the process of supporting fintech startups with financial needs along with customized supports to run fintech startups such as office space and more.

Other than this, the lab also dispenses quality training, mentorship, domestic and foreign transaction opportunities.

More than thousands of fintech startups have been enrolled with Seoul fintech innovation lab to learn, upgrade, and grow their startup in the fintech realm.

18. LG Nova

LG Nova

Founded: 2018
Industry: FinTech
Parent Company: LG Electronics
Headquartered: Silicon Valley, California, United States

Goal: Let’s build a better future together.

LG innovations always helped industries, businesses, and individuals to live, work, and play better every day.

With the launch of its new innovation lab situated in Silicon Valley, we can expect the company is planning to disrupt innovation for breath-takers at a glance.

Basically, the ideology behind creation of LG Nova is to impart world’s best companies and risk-takers for innovation and most importantly support LG’s second annual mission for the future global search.

This may include working to create new businesses and new possibilities with sustainability and use of technological advancement to help consumers live better.

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World Innovation Labs: Conclusion

These best innovation labs could help make the world a better place while incubating technology at a glance.

The use of Artificial Intelligence and its associated sisters can be seen in the top innovation labs used for product creation, implementation, and breakthrough.

Let’s wish them good luck for everything they will do in future for mankind and changing the world through best innovation labs in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an innovation lab?

Innovation lab is a specific and specified research center of the parent company where the creation, development, and implementation of novel ideas occur with various hypothetical technologies and resources.

What is the goal of a corporate innovation lab?

The ultimate goal of any corporate innovation lab is to enable organization to ideate, design, develop, implement, and iterate ideas from basic until the completion of final result.

What is the future of an innovation lab?

I would say the future of a top innovation lab is bright as it’s the root of the development of big-box products and services.

Which are the best innovation labs in the world?

The best innovation lab in the world is Google X, followed by Walmart Lab, Microsoft Research, and Amazon Lab126.

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